Our shoutbox

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 29/12 10:29

    LAN PARTY devil

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 03/12 22:50

    Tomorrow patch day BF V

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 22/11 16:58

    The game is awesome devil

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 19/11 21:33

    BF V tomorrow !double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 10/11 23:15

    New TS IP:

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 26/10 08:16

    Nightmare form the loss yesterday 🤠 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 24/10 23:40

    Lovely games this evening! We haven't lost any games! yes

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 24/10 15:45

    Happens when you fall asleep behind keyboard devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 24/10 12:44

    Who's online this evening? Looks like I still am! (Forgot to shutdown pc) double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 23/10 12:26

    Woke up ill today. No gaming for me tonight. crying

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 22/10 20:33

    One month to BF5.double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 18/10 09:47

    Nice to end the day yesterday with a victory. Sleeps better. devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 14/08 09:21

    Those were quite the matches yesterday cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 14/08 08:51

    Countdown to rocket league party! And comeback to siege yesterday after 9m.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 03/05 22:44

    Who's up for some games tomorrow? laugh Let's start the weekend on a good note!

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 03/05 12:55

    https://discord.gg/nbU4Mt I will update the link this evening wink

  • Wombatron on Thu 03/05 09:27

    trying to join discord but the link is dead


  • Hunter on Thu 05/04 22:34

    Nah, invite expired on it


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 05/04 19:09

    I think Discord is open for everyone? When you open the discord viewer on the website.

  • Hunter on Sat 24/03 17:42

    cool, if you inv me to your discord i'll join you next time your on bf1. Only if you want me to though of course! =)

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 24/03 08:35

    We play more bf1 than any other game. 

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Fri 23/03 22:15

    CONGRATZ daddy Brussieee!
    @hunter, somethimes when i got some time I'm there to play some BF :) 

  • Hunter on Sun 18/03 13:06

    I saw you on Battlefield last night Analyze! Are many of you playing it still? I just bought it!

  • Hunter on Wed 14/03 16:58

    oh you mean stream right? Yeah ill get one up this weekend! =)

  • Hunter on Wed 14/03 16:58

    i did, not see it?


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 14/03 13:44

    Sure, post your link and I'll have a look wink

  • Hunter on Wed 14/03 13:21

    ...poor pigeons they helped win the war y'know? ?


    For if anyone plays rust or may be interested in it. 'Which I'd highly recommend!' 

    Will stream first event day this weekend and send a link so you can see what it's like ;)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 14/03 12:35

    Gamy gamy laugh BF1 ftw, shoot them pigeons

  • Hunter on Wed 14/03 12:15

    Anything going on in HG anymore? sad

  • hg.™S3ph on Sat 27/01 10:00

    Thank you :) Brussie. Hope i get some destination to pass you boys :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 26/01 18:47

    Welcome back seph 

  • hg.™S3ph on Fri 26/01 16:49

    Where did you go to ski trip?

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 21/01 14:33

    thanks, it was super awsome!!

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 13/01 00:38

    Happy ski trip boys

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 11/01 08:53

    Victoryyyy devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 11/01 08:36

    We made the enemy ragequit yesterday! After 30min! devil

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 10/01 12:07

    Expert is still very hard

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 07/01 01:16

    like you've said, hard is easy :p or easy on hard :p

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 07/01 01:15

    Awesome match on AGE! Hard became easy!

  • Hunter on Fri 05/01 14:30

    Ok fair enough then Brussie yes sorry for the call out!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 05/01 14:28

    Thanks for the info. I hadn't moved the topic yet to public area. It was in members section, which Ronnie can't read anymore. He needs a new discord user, as he created it with hg.TM, not just on our channel, but his global user.

  • Hunter on Fri 05/01 14:18

    Have to say that it's nice to see nothing has changed. You still delete leaving posts and ban people? Have you learnt nothing from what happened before? Jesus =P

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 04/01 21:06

    Long time no see chocolate

  • hg.™Chocolate on Wed 03/01 23:36

    Happy new year boyos!

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 01/01 12:17

    Happy new year! 

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 01/01 01:35

    Happy new year!! 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 01/01 00:34

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

  • hg.™S3ph on Sun 31/12 15:29

    Thank you Skrimbler :), Happy New Year everybody with loads of success and happines :)

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 31/12 13:41

    Enjoy the NYE tonight and a wonderful 2018 to everyone!! 

  • hg.™S3ph on Sat 30/12 10:13

    Now weekend and a New`s Year party :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 29/12 07:28

    Last workday of the year. smiley

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 25/12 14:06

    Aight, will do.

  • Ohdear on Mon 25/12 13:42

    If anyone could MSG brussie to refund my money I sent for the HG clothes that would be great. I haven't recieved any shipping notice or package at all and hes blocked me from PMing him directly.


  • hg.™Skrimbler on Mon 25/12 10:02

    HoHoHo, merry christmas hg's!!

  • hg.™S3ph on Sat 23/12 23:32

    thank you Brussie :), Merry x-mas

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 23/12 21:53

    Merry christmas everyone

  • Ronnie on Sat 02/12 21:36

    Hey Bobbo how are you? 

  • Bobbo on Fri 01/12 22:26

    Oi bois hows going :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 22/11 16:13

    double handgun.laugh.  devilyesangel

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 22/11 16:12

    Looking forward to the lan party heart

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 20/11 19:31

    seems ok now

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 18/11 21:15

    This is silly tbh

  • Hunter on Sat 18/11 20:58

    sounds like we needed our ts backup after all lmao. discord a joke for last two days...

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 13/11 19:20

    @Hunter, fixed. There was an issue with the cronjob :-)

  • Hunter on Mon 13/11 18:41

    Yeah i've done 39 and im still a noob. What gives crying


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 13/11 18:34

    These are forum posts mate wink

  • Hunter on Mon 13/11 18:31

    How many more posts must I make to lose this noob status? ;(

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 12/11 18:07

    You sweet man!

  • Hunter on Sun 12/11 14:37

    ;D I meant the 'hg present' bit not the 'achieve your dreams' lolll

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 12/11 14:20

    I know it's me :D

  • Hunter on Sun 12/11 13:28

    @skrimmie funny you should say that because I already have ;)

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 12/11 13:12

    You can only achieve your dreams when someone else is beating you :D 
    Btw, HG! almost christmas, don't forget to "buy hg a present" ^^ 

  • Hunter on Sun 12/11 12:46

    That kinda hurt my feels skrimmie... I thought I was the best crying

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 12/11 12:38

    thanks Ciryk for developing such a nice website. you're not only the best hg.member, but a good developer aswell!

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 10/11 11:41

    I just kept asking for stuff and 4N4LYZE kept doing it. Easy peasy laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 10/11 00:55

    Thanks to Drunk's innovative thinking it is yes ?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 09/11 21:47

    Yeah new viewer looks very cool smiley

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 09/11 18:45

    Nice new discord viewer !

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 03/11 20:56

    Testing amazing programming feature 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 03/11 18:51

    Thanks Drunk! kiss

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 03/11 17:05

    Loving the new Discord viewer heart

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 02/11 11:25

    Thanks man, it updates faster than the actual Android app does... devil

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 02/11 09:25

    Nice work on the Discord viewer mate yes

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 01/11 19:08

    New discord viewer is up. 

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 01/11 15:17

    Teamspeak is going down on Saturday. You can find us on Discord.

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Mon 30/10 22:09

    nice web layout :)


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 27/10 13:18

    Many upcoming changes yes Love the enthousiasme boys heart

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 27/10 12:26

    He changed the scaling in the mean time. Height doesn't change so PUBG guys head always visible. yes

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 27/10 12:05

    I've only today seen the new header on my PC. Looked good on my S8, but looks amazing on a full browser on PC. Awesome work 4N4LYZE yes

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 24/10 23:36

    I made one, share you thoughts boys.

  • Hunter on Tue 24/10 23:35

    Sure, where should I put it?

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 24/10 23:32

    Let's take this into a forum topic shall we wink

  • Hunter on Tue 24/10 23:29

    But I mean more like proper posts similar to how the news ones work?  There isn't any forum sections for reviews or anything like that. Plus I guess having that kind if stuff may generate even more traffic to the site. Up to you guys though to think about it:)

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 24/10 23:26

    It's clalled the forum smiley

  • Hunter on Tue 24/10 23:17

    @Analyze/Brussie What are you thoughts in adding a blog section to the site for any members to add posts to, such as game reviews, tips/strats, and whatever else?

    And btw, the 31st meeting is missing for the agenda page!

  • Hunter on Tue 24/10 23:15

    Well done with the site yes And Drunk, we will judge you forever

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 24/10 22:49

    Just when I thought you couldn't improve the site no more!! P.S. don't judge me for visiting the site while on holiday with the wife!! blush

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 24/10 22:11


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 24/10 11:26

    Almost @Drunk, almost laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 23/10 23:21

    4N4LYZE, very nice work on the site mate. It's almost like you know what you're doing cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 23/10 23:17

    Great update to the site. Where is the donate button? laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 23/10 20:33

    yo robinho ! Where have you been? :)

  • hg.™Robinho on Mon 23/10 19:01

    Whoah, things changed in here, seems like i have a lot to catch up with :p good evening everyone ^^

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 22/10 01:16

    Yeah all good Ronnie. Miss your ridiculous sense of humour. Get your butt online soon bud!

  • Ronnie on Sat 21/10 23:09

    Hope everyone is having a fun weekend 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 18/10 19:44

    Still alive and kickin' Brussie laugh Got a week off soon so hoping to get some serious gaming double handgun

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 18/10 13:59

    Time is money laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 18/10 10:02

    Shout box bit empty. With discord as public chat including recruits. yes

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 13/10 19:53

    Yo Scary you ok mate. Good to bump into you and your team mate on Ghost Wars

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 13/10 07:19

    See ya boys tonight for some ghost war! I'll be on discord. double handgun

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 10/10 15:15

    Yep should be on this evening for a bit. Looking forward to it. P.S. Nice news article yes

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 10/10 10:52

    Ghost war today! 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 07/10 10:44

    Have fun lads. Worth the wait to get those tags smiley

  • Ronnie on Fri 06/10 21:49

    Trial! Damn auto correct. 

  • Ronnie on Fri 06/10 21:48

    Welcome have a good trail ?

  • MrKillFail on Fri 06/10 11:52



  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 06/10 08:03

    Ah nice! Two more people to carry me! laughWelcome guys! 

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 06/10 07:59

    smileyWelcome hans-pieter and slowbro to the community. Have a good trial month. 

  • Ronnie on Thu 05/10 19:50

    Hope work calms down for you so you get more time to game drunk. See you soon. 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 05/10 08:41

    Take care Drunk, hop on whenever you've got time smiley

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 04/10 20:35

    i doooooo (l)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 04/10 19:16

    I'll be back soon lads. Work is crazy. I get home at silly time at the moment and just wanna eat and sleep. I'm going to try and focus on gaming more at the weekends, cause at the moment during the week I'm not getting the chance. I know Brussie misses me heart

  • Ronnie on Tue 03/10 13:05

    Good afternoon ? I'll be on TS later tonight and am up for some games of siege 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 02/10 20:24

    Same thing different country? laugh All good man, me and Butje had some lovely games yesterday double handgun Come and join us soon wink

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 02/10 19:28

    All good boys. How's tricks in Belgium? 

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 02/10 15:02

    And on the shoutbox

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 02/10 12:29

    How's everyone doing? Been so quiet on Teamspeak lately broken heart

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 30/09 00:53

    Rocket league patch looks nice! Like the goal posts

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 28/09 12:22

    OD can you put some pics of your new monitor in the gaming setup thread? (https://www.hggaming.eu/forum/general-discussion/gaming-setups)

  • hg.™S3ph on Wed 27/09 12:47

    Looks awesome :). As allways, great work m8

  • MrKillFail on Wed 27/09 10:07

    looking goodyes

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 27/09 08:33

    Thanks guys smiley

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 27/09 08:17

    Yeah love the new banner. Great work Cyrik 

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 27/09 08:01

    Great new banner !

  • Hunter on Fri 22/09 23:22

    all 7 of you active on ts right now? =)


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 22/09 22:31

    @DrunkMonk done :-)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 22/09 21:48

    Need to update the TS server IP on the website link mate, (so when you click on the headphones you see the server)

  • hg.™S3ph on Fri 22/09 21:32 New TS ip


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 22/09 19:07

    TeamSpeak server is down for maintenance, Seph was notified. 

  • Hunter on Fri 22/09 18:25

    doing something to the server analyze?


  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 22/09 13:31

    No we lost of the two noobs with zero kills. I had 5/4 k/D. If everyone did his part we would have won. 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 22/09 08:40

    There's no victory in beeing carried laugh

  • Hunter on Thu 21/09 23:01

    @Analyze How dare you not be online today! Me and Brussie lost our ranked matches because you weren't on to carry! crying

  • Hunter on Thu 21/09 18:01

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5o2YxAPDXk free pubg equivalant coming out soon! =D

  • Hunter on Thu 21/09 17:50

    surprise we have to do it!!!! =OOOOOOO


  • MrKillFail on Thu 21/09 17:10

    in fact there is

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 21/09 11:23

    Is there no ESL comp. in Pubg? laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 20/09 20:02

    It's not even monday drunk. laugh

  • MrKillFail on Wed 20/09 17:10

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B8lFdO0ELY&t=199s perfect tutorial for the pubg players ;p

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 20/09 15:07

    Yeah I wanna leave work and just go home and game with you guys. Very unmotivated today frown

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 20/09 14:54

    Wanna go home and play. indecision

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 18/09 00:19

    Great play on those matches guys, looking forward to the next ones. I will put together a few highlights of those matches.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 17/09 21:12

    Enjoyed the ESL matches lads. Happy to jump in again as a sub if needed.

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 15/09 18:32

    Friday = gaming double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 12/09 18:32

    Tuesday = gaming

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 11/09 17:21

    Ronnie means monday Gaming night

  • Ronnie on Mon 11/09 15:53

    I am much better thanks drunk, a weekend of sleep and rest has sorted me out just in time for work indecision 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 11/09 13:30

    Ronnie you are alive!!! You feeling better mate? OD = only human who looks forward to Monday's!

  • Ronnie on Mon 11/09 13:09

    Good afternoon all, hope everyone is having a good start to the week laugh

  • Ohdear on Mon 11/09 12:36

    Yaaaaay finally monday! :D

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 11/09 08:30

    Morning mate! laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 11/09 08:27

    I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, I HATE MONDAY'S!!! Morning HG cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 11/09 07:36

    After the weekend comes Monday 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 08/09 08:53

    Some good updates on the game. You can now actually look outside without being blinded laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 06/09 08:52

    Patch alive and kicking. Check graphic settings and controls. My fov was on 60. Kamel lost everything, even sensitivity. 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 05/09 19:20

    Patch should be live now Choco. I'll be downloading when I get home from work in about an hour or so

  • hg.™Chocolate on Tue 05/09 16:44

    Planned maintenance in 15 minutes apparently, so there's that

  • hg.™Chocolate on Tue 05/09 16:42

    When's the patch dropping today?

  • Bobbo on Tue 05/09 15:17

    yeah maybe i will get on this afternoon to game some siege, but i dont promise anything :)

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Tue 05/09 14:59

    Good news bobbo

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 05/09 09:30

    Yeah looking forward to downloading the patch tonight. 43Gb for me so might take a while crying

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 04/09 23:26

    Another gaming night to an end. Tomorrow patch day! 

  • Ronnie on Mon 04/09 11:57

    Good to hear things are on the up for you Bobbo. 

  • Bobbo on Mon 04/09 07:03

    well start to getting better, got some medicin theres work and my fiance and me are moveing to a new apartment where there are more room :) so its seems brighter now ^^

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 04/09 07:01

    Bah Monday 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 03/09 23:49

    Alright Bobbo. How's it going dude?

  • Bobbo on Sun 03/09 17:28

    Hey gentle mens how are we? :)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 03/09 14:48

    Just tested some streaming and was lucky with the round I had. Once YT has finished processing I'll post a link to see what you guys think of the quality

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 03/09 12:21

    Some good games with Brussie this morning yes

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 01/09 22:37

    Choco, good to see you're back mate. Someone has to keep OD in line, he's been getting a bit cheeky since you been away mate!

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 01/09 19:27

    @Hunter, we've had a topic about this already.

  • Hunter on Fri 01/09 18:43

    I was thinking of twitch streaming some of our games now. (Not private ones like strategies obviously) But it could be fun. I could make some awesome compilations, bit of exposure, etc. Would anyone not want to be in these streams?

  • Hunter on Fri 01/09 18:42



  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 01/09 17:32

    @Hunter, done! smiley

  • Hunter on Fri 01/09 14:13

    Yo, can we add a custom field to add twitch channel plz? =)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 01/09 08:31

    WB Chocolate! Let's shoot some noobs in the near future? devil

  • Ohdear on Fri 01/09 07:19

    Welcome back fellow Swede!


  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 01/09 07:17

    Hey chocolate! Welcome back. We got to catch up in some games. Download the TTS to play the new operators. 

  • hg.™Chocolate on Thu 31/08 23:46

    Guess who's back, back again (??)
    Finally got my internet going in my new apartment so now I'm back in action!

  • Bobbo on Thu 31/08 18:05


    a little sweet one from a guy there misses you! :D

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 31/08 17:09

    Hunter online at 21:45?

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 31/08 06:53

    Don't forget the meeting tonight. wink

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 30/08 07:03

    I like it. I don't know yet about the map. 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 29/08 15:18

    What's the thoughts on the new feel of the game in the test server Brussie?

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 29/08 14:34

    Siege testing new patch

  • Hunter on Mon 28/08 17:26

    its an amazing game


  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 28/08 16:53

    Too spooky

  • Hunter on Mon 28/08 16:01

    Anyone into the killing floor games?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 28/08 11:38

    Hey guys, Bobbo is going to take a little break for now. Please keep him in your friends list cause we're hoping he'll be back when he's ready.

  • Hunter on Sun 27/08 15:03

    Who's on when then 

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 27/08 12:15

    good day boys ! Gaming Sunday !

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 27/08 00:11

    Early night so can wake up for the Mayweather v McGregor fight smiley

  • Hunter on Sat 26/08 16:44

    A good montagne player is a secret weapon in itself for esl ;)

  • Hunter on Fri 25/08 23:29

    noo problemo! laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 25/08 23:19

    Sorry Hunter  knackered today so going to chill out. Will be on plenty over the bank holiday weekend though!! double handgun

  • Hunter on Fri 25/08 22:27

    Wheres the siegers!!! double handgundouble handgundouble handgun

  • Bobbo on Fri 25/08 21:23

    aww miss ya too guys but i have some assignements to school there have to be done and then im ready for some games! :D cheers!

  • Hunter on Thu 24/08 18:17



  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 24/08 18:10

    Yep I'll be on a bit later wink

  • Hunter on Thu 24/08 17:53

    anyone on today?

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 24/08 10:52

    Bobbo we miss you

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 24/08 10:13

    And a big welcome to "hg.Brussie DLC" 

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 24/08 10:12

    ONE more day of studying! you can almost stop missing me!!! :D

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 24/08 07:58

    Hunter that is a big "shout". Maybe put it on the forum in pc and website section? wink

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 23/08 12:53

    Nice Ronnie! 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 23/08 01:23


    Interesting video about tips and tricks, strafing is a must though, if you don't do it yet, start it now yes

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 23/08 00:24

    So basically we're starting to rock in two games. PUBG and R6. And a special mention to Ronnie. Long journey but you made Plat mate yes

  • Ronnie on Wed 23/08 00:10

    Made it to platinum laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 22/08 23:53

    We're doing good guys, keep up the good work yes

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 22/08 16:38

    Almost home 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 22/08 00:47

    More good games this evening lads. Starting to really enjoy ranked.

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 21/08 22:26

    basically yeah

  • Hunter on Mon 21/08 19:08

    So if I kill brussie i can join hg?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 21/08 19:03

    Hunter best way to get through the month period is to TK Brussie laugh Bobbo f*cked up. He TK'd me by accident crying

  • Hunter on Mon 21/08 16:05

    Your payment is my presence carrying you wink

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 21/08 06:55

    Only 10 more days to go. Still nothing received on my paypal account so not sure how the voting will go... devil laugh

  • Hunter on Mon 21/08 00:32

    Yeah it's been great. Played loads of different games lol.

    I'll be on loads this week because I'm still on holiday but at home double handgun

    Hows me month trial thingymajiggy-whatchamacallit going anyways guys? cheeky

  • Ronnie on Mon 21/08 00:18

    Its been a good sunday gaming laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 20/08 09:17

    good one !

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 20/08 01:47

    Well played lads

  • MrKillFail on Sat 19/08 21:42

    Me and Earthen just won our first match of pubg!!

  • Hunter on Sat 19/08 21:42



  • Hunter on Fri 18/08 17:08

    Niiiice. Yeah it went really well thanks. I'm gonna go on battlefield now tbh to level up until someones on for siege or pubg! =)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 18/08 15:28

    Yer, I'll be on!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 18/08 14:05

    Nice. How was the holiday? Will be online today! 

  • Hunter on Fri 18/08 12:34

    Anyone planning to come on today? Just got back from holiday! :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 18/08 07:38

    Almost weekend! 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 17/08 20:47

    The fastest and most efficient way! laugh

  • Bobbo on Thu 17/08 20:19

    well just found out its the fastest way to get in contact with you guys <3


  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 17/08 19:55

    Yo boys, busy day on the forums

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 16/08 07:06

    I might give it another chance to prove itself. 

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 15/08 17:07

    sweet potato!

  • MrKillFail on Tue 15/08 15:29

    Alright guy's i finnaly gave in and bought PUBG!


  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 14/08 23:45

    Bobbo tomorrow holiday so let's get us to gold 2 and 3 :-)

  • Bobbo on Mon 14/08 23:00

    i will when i dont sleep over the keyboard while the others playing xD

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 14/08 22:47

    Give me a hug next time blush

  • Bobbo on Mon 14/08 22:15

    Sorry Monk! xD just miss you so much <3 :p

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 14/08 19:27

    Bobbo - is damn dangerous as Fuze! When he's playing Fuze safest place would be right next to him otherwise you have no idea where those little hockey putts will end up wink

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Mon 14/08 17:14

    tonight, time to shine! Glaz time <3

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 14/08 14:10

    bobbo get online please :)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 14/08 11:57

    Still hurting from being fuzed by Bobbo last night sad

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 12/08 18:05

    Back online tomorrow 

  • Hunter on Fri 11/08 14:37

    Btw, I'll be on today and over the weekend but I'll be on holiday from next Monday to Friday so won't be playing! Will send forum pics if I remember! laugh

  • Hunter on Fri 11/08 13:42

    Oh, for one single match I had literally every single operator and attachment unlocked. Like even ones I haven't even bought.

    Was sad to find out i didnt get to keep them after the Match tho ;(

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 11/08 13:22

    which is? 

  • Hunter on Thu 10/08 22:32

    wtf i have the weirdest glitch ever


  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 10/08 07:16

    Sounds like great holiday! 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 09/08 23:51

    @Chocolate, well stay in touch man and even if you can't get online before the 28th, don't worry about hoping into TS as soon as you can. It'll be like you never had a break mate laugh

  • Hunter on Wed 09/08 17:14

    damn another 45 mins before i can install it =(


  • Ronnie on Wed 09/08 16:14

    I'll be playing today most of the day really! 

  • Hunter on Wed 09/08 12:18

    Woooop I'm gonna download it when I'm home this afternoon.

    Who's planning to play today? Keen to get a ranked team going! double handgun

  • hg.™Chocolate on Wed 09/08 12:03

    I'll also be moving back from my parents' house in my hometown (where I've stayed and worked during the summer) back to my place during these weeks, so I have a lot going on haha. I might be able to pop in in between those trips but other than that I probably won't be on until my semester starts, which is monday the 28th.

  • hg.™Chocolate on Wed 09/08 11:54

    Starting off I'll be 2 weeks in my family's summer house in southern Sweden, then (hopefully, not everything is booked yet) I'll be off to the Swedish mountains for a week of hiking! 

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 09/08 08:09

    Patch 2.2.2 today on siege

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 08/08 23:47

    Have a good one! See you in couple of weeks. 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 08/08 20:37

    Yo Chocolate! Thanks for letting us know yes Enjoy your vacation!

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 08/08 20:31

    Yo Chocolate, when you back mate? Where you going? Don't fotget you have a smart phone so feel free to post in shout box of post on the forums any holiday snaps!! smiley

  • Hunter on Tue 08/08 18:46

    Fairs lol. Going anywhere nice?

  • hg.™Chocolate on Tue 08/08 18:41

    Hey dudes, I'm going on vacation so I won't be home available for play for close to three weeks. Just thought I'd let you know so that you don't think I've died :)

  • Hunter on Tue 08/08 15:49

    Nah this particular one the end was so annoying. WTF HAPPENED!!!!! ??????

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Tue 08/08 15:45

    i GoT that every episode :p

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 08/08 15:20

    GoT is superb, and @Ohdear I've got thesame feeling, launch EPISODE 5 already!!!! cheeky

  • Ohdear on Tue 08/08 15:09

    Loved the latest GoT episode, was so satisfying :D 


    I was super pissed about the ending because i want to see what happens afterwards!!

  • Hunter on Tue 08/08 14:11

    Never went on in the end! But I will be today. Leaving work at 4pm that being UK time. (I.e. 2hrs 50 mins from now) 

    So I should be on from when I'm home till around half 7. Got to go out somewhere at 8 and don't really know how long I'll be out for.

    Game of Thrones was bloody brilliant last night tho! laughyes

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 08/08 10:37

    We played yesterday Hunter. double handgun

  • Hunter on Mon 07/08 14:41

    Who's planning to come on today then? I should be on after work up until game of thrones tonight!

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 06/08 19:48

    I'm about to jump on after a smoke double handgun

  • Hunter on Sun 06/08 17:45

    niiice. just drop in the teamspeak when you're ready! =)


  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 06/08 17:39

    yeah, after diner!!


  • Hunter on Sun 06/08 17:13

    Anyone on later? double handgun

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 06/08 13:12

    Was lovely bbq :) Thx for coming ! heart

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 05/08 16:16

    Sunny at the coast! Ready for birthday bbq! 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 05/08 00:59

    I'm on for some bday gaming!

  • Hunter on Fri 04/08 21:41

    he dont have the game lol. Trying to get him to buy it


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 04/08 21:38

    Feel free to bring your friends with you :)

  • Hunter on Fri 04/08 21:33

    Gonna pop off and play a few games with one of my friends. But should be back on teamspeak later!


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 04/08 19:39

    I'm out for dinner with family etc, but after that should be on. Made something for us? ? Awesome!

  • Hunter on Fri 04/08 19:03

    Anyone on later? I have something awesome i've been working on for the clan here to show you =)

  • Hunter on Fri 04/08 16:54

    I'll be on in around 30-45 minutes if you guys are still on! 

  • Hunter on Fri 04/08 14:21

    Still at work at the moment. :( 

    Should be going home in around an hour 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 04/08 14:13

    I should be coming only yeah, you up for some games now perhaps?

  • Hunter on Fri 04/08 14:12

    Anyone on today?

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 04/08 13:06

    Done check forum

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 04/08 11:04

    Does anyone​​​​ want to make a topic for this as this will get lost. wink

  • Hunter on Thu 03/08 20:21

    id be up for it


  • Bobbo on Thu 03/08 19:36

    we can do that aswell but are we that many to it? :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 03/08 18:59

    I prefer 3v3 :-)

  • Bobbo on Thu 03/08 17:16

    Hey bois wondering if you was up for a mini tournement i rocket league? 1vs1 or 2vs2 just for fun? :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 03/08 07:24

    The one you blew up with the wall was genious. 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 03/08 02:10

    Wiiiiii, got an ACE on tape! laugh Watch movie here

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 02/08 23:51

    Np drunk. Find your new rhythm. New headset is calling you though. "play with me." 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 02/08 22:57

    Sorry guys I ain't been on  for a couple days. New job is taking up a lot of time at the moment.

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 02/08 22:43

    Played some table tennis today. 

  • Hunter on Wed 02/08 20:37

    anyone on today?


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 02/08 18:38

    I'll be back on shortly!

  • Bobbo on Wed 02/08 12:15

    someone up for gaming something? :)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 02/08 11:31

    Time for refreshment! cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 02/08 10:06

    New background banner. Good job Analyze

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 01/08 22:45

    Hunter started a new job today and it's been a shock to the system. I'm hoping to be on later this week in the evening and at some point this weekend (but we have friends coming down this weekend too)

  • Hunter on Tue 01/08 18:49

    ok cool. think i already have you on uplay


  • Ronnie on Tue 01/08 18:44

    I'll be on shortly for a bit then I have football and will probably be back on later this evening 

  • Hunter on Tue 01/08 18:13

    Who's on today? cheeky

  • Hunter on Tue 01/08 14:49

    Sorry couldn't make yesterday. Definitely on tonight though. Anyone up for some siege or pubg?

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 01/08 07:36

    Good luck drunk! 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 31/07 14:44

    I'll be on. But not too late. Starting new job tomorrow and wanna be fresh!

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 31/07 14:20

    I am probably.

  • Ronnie on Mon 31/07 12:56

    So who's gaming tonight and what time laugh

  • Hunter on Sun 30/07 22:05

    I'll be about too man. But theres also game of thrones on tomorrow evening! =000000

  • Ronnie on Sun 30/07 21:27

    I'll be back online gaming tomorrow evening after work about 4 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 30/07 20:26

    Sorry I had to run without saying bye. Time to help the missus with the cooking. Good gaming with you Hunter and hopefully we'll see a new application from Chocolate.exe too

  • Hunter on Sun 30/07 15:31

    Anyone up for playing?


  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 30/07 14:17

    Day after is less fun. 

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 30/07 03:01

    Wedding party at the moment. 

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 30/07 02:55

    That would be me. ? 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 30/07 02:23

    Yeah I accidentally clicked the wrong button!! So adding again. I should be around tomorrow as well so happy to have a few rounds mate. You should see my invite next time you restart UPlay dude.

  • Hunter on Sun 30/07 02:08

    I added you buddy! :)

    I'm usually on during the evening on most days up until around 10.30pm on weekdays later on weekend nights. That's in UK time btw.

    I'll be about tomorrow at some point so feel free to throw me a message if you want to play something yes

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 30/07 01:47

    Yo Earthern I just sent you a friend request. We're on different times mate. Sometimes during the day in the week but most of us work so it's usually evenings and weekends. How about yourself?

  • Hunter on Sun 30/07 01:34

    Will do! What days/times are you guys usually active?

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 29/07 23:57

    Thanks @Eathern-Hunter, that'll be me! laugh We've just got your application so when you have some time drop by on our Teamspeak server and get to know us, our Mr.Brussie himself will contact you by email also wink

  • Hunter on Sat 29/07 23:49

    kudos to the creator of this website. Smoothly done!

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 29/07 08:40

    A new weekend started double handgun

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 27/07 22:12

    I'll soon be back 2 kick some ass! laughheart

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 25/07 07:33

    Happy holiday Analyze! We miss you already! heart

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 20/07 18:00

    Indeed. Weekend begins! 

  • Ronnie on Thu 20/07 10:43

    Lucky you brussie! Always good to have a bank holiday lol 

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 20/07 06:53

    Last workday. Friday bank holiday cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 19/07 11:59

    Cant wait on the weekend devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 17/07 22:57

    Ouch, painfull cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 17/07 14:22

    Home working. Next to pc. So tempting devil

  • Ronnie on Sat 15/07 13:31

    I'll try and get on in a bit for some games! Couldn't do much last night lol 

  • Bobbo on Fri 14/07 22:20

    its good to be back ^^ just alot things to do these days so i will not be on so much the next week but i do want i can mate ! :D

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 22:19

    Apparently he's gotta play Walking Dead with his girlfriend or something like that! Boo Ronnie. Boo!

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 22:18

    Yeah cool dude. I'll have a little warm up while I wait for you. Ronnie has blown me out tonight so I'm glad you're back!

  • Bobbo on Fri 14/07 22:13

    i can jump on for a game or 2 in about 20 min if you are ready there :)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 22:12

    P.S. Good to have you back mate

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 22:12

    Bobbo, you jumping online tonight?

  • Bobbo on Fri 14/07 22:08

    and gratz Monk :) good to hear with the new job :)

  • Bobbo on Fri 14/07 22:07

    hey im back again, just got back from vacation :) how are ya all ? :)

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Fri 14/07 21:40

    Niiiice!! :D

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 14/07 19:52

    Sweet! Congratulations m8, a new start smiley

  • MrKillFail on Fri 14/07 19:30

    Congratz Neel

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 18:44

    YES!! Resigned from my job. Got the contract and offer letter from my new company!!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 14/07 09:53

    You scared him

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 13/07 20:38

    Speaking of noobs, where is Bobbo?? devil

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 10/07 23:07

    So many noobs. annoying. 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 10/07 17:44

    Let's flush Monday down the drain with some Siege time laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 10/07 10:43

    Booo. Not a fan of Monday's

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 10/07 08:39

    It's Monday crying

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 09/07 10:43

    Bobbo, you vanished yesterday laugh

  • Bobbo on Sat 08/07 21:15

    I'm on about 30 min :) 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 08/07 19:44

    Let's shoot some people this evening boys double handgun

  • Bobbo on Sat 08/07 13:50

    im missing all of you guys get on and play with me! xD

  • Ronnie on Fri 07/07 16:15

    Hopefully I can get a few games in tonight ?

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 07/07 15:48

    Ronnie returns! 

  • Bobbo on Thu 06/07 21:56

    Ohdear I have around 7 followers im a New streamer but my twitch is twitch.tv/infamousbobbo ?

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 06/07 19:59

    Booeeee butje no

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 06/07 12:38

    Butje said from now on if I'm going left he's going right crying I'm sorry Butje!!! (but you did decide to peak the same corner I was peaking)

  • Ohdear on Thu 06/07 12:19

    Or rather, whats your twich name?

  • Ohdear on Thu 06/07 12:18

    How many viewers do you have Bobbo?


  • hg.™S3ph on Thu 06/07 12:10


    every double handgunkill counts

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 05/07 19:50

    Every kill counts laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 05/07 18:33

    i TK'd Butje surprise Sorry Butje crying

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 05/07 13:18

    yes.. Nice.... 

  • Bobbo on Tue 04/07 22:51

    Haha awesome drunkmonk but the crazy Dane will soon be back ?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 04/07 22:19

    Bobbo you are missed mate. We need the crazy Dane in TS laugh

  • Bobbo on Tue 04/07 22:18

    Damn miss ya guys I'm home again Friday and then Im ready for play! 

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 04/07 13:24

    Crazy tuesday

  • Bobbo on Mon 03/07 18:42

    Awesome cause I won't make any trouble because of it so I respect it if you don't want it :) 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 03/07 18:12

    @Bobbo, thanks for checking with us first, we'll come back to that shortly wink

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 03/07 18:00

    Not sure Bobbo, I'll ask the others for their opinions laugh

  • Bobbo on Mon 03/07 17:55

    Hey Guys i Wonder if you guys was against if I stream next time we are gaming together? 

  • Ohdear on Mon 03/07 08:34

    Woo! Monday hype!


  • Bobbo on Mon 03/07 00:54

    Once again thanks for a good time Demithri and i got some good game on airplane map alot of kills from me xD cheers boys i will get on friday again take care everyone! :D

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 02/07 18:20

    Sunday and some gaming with HG. Been a good day so far wink

  • Bobbo on Sun 02/07 17:16

    Happy sunday Are you fresh today? :) 

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 02/07 17:13

    Happy sunday! 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 02/07 11:15

    Nice games Bobbo. Main thing is you're enjoying the gaming. Rest will follow sir double handgun

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 02/07 09:46

    Yep was a great evening of gaming yesterday yes

  • Bobbo on Sun 02/07 01:54

    Thanks for gaming guys i really enjoy it ^^ first some RL and then some cool action in rainbow six.. im hopefully soon getting better to that so i can do stuff xD take care ppls ! :D

  • Bobbo on Sat 01/07 16:12

    Drunkmonk i had a blast aswell :) looking forward to gaming more With you All :) 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 30/06 17:43

    Bobbo, had some fun games mate. I'm going to try and get on again tonight. But there will be others on who know the game REALLY well. And if they can't help, ask 4N4LYZE for his hacks laugh (joke. He's just really good at the game)

  • Bobbo on Fri 30/06 14:53

    sry guys will be a little longer before i get on have to help my fiancé with some stuff, is there anyone up for learning a rookie some stuff and have a good time? :)

  • Bobbo on Fri 30/06 13:37

    Amazing Boys i Will be on about 1 hour and totally ready for learning the game :) 

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 30/06 06:52

    All out uplay and steam names are on the members tab of the site.enlightened

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 29/06 23:38

    @Drunk, my auto-correct made Bobo out of it for some reason laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 29/06 23:16

    *Bobbo (damn auto correct on my phone). Good job just jumping on the site and posting a message.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 29/06 23:12

    Hey Bobbi, you definitely found the right place if you like RL and R6 (probably the two games we play the most). I don't play RL but really enjoy R6. I ain't a pro just average. I won't be on tonight but hoping to jump on tomorrow night. Add me on UPlay (hg.DrunkMonk74) and we'll get some games in.

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 29/06 19:54

    butje is online

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 29/06 19:41

    I can't this evening but I'll be on tomorrow yes I'm sure someone else is up for some games this evening wink

  • Bobbo on Thu 29/06 19:36

    is anyone up for some R6 with a rookie to the game in about 30 - 45 mins? :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 29/06 19:25

    Hi there! We love Siege and Rocket League. You are at the right place for both!

  • Bobbo on Thu 29/06 16:33

    thanks 4N4LYZE :) i will be on soon ^^

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 29/06 16:29

    Hello Bobbo, welcome @hggaming. Feel free to join our Teamspeak at any time to get to know us a little. When you feel comfortable enough feel free to apply on the website wink

  • Bobbo on Thu 29/06 16:27

    Hey there im all new ! shout out to your community i have read about you guys and i want to be a part of you cause of that, im from denmark and normally play Rocket league but now im into Rainbow six siege so if anyone is up for that let me now ^^ cheers bobbo

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 29/06 09:21

    I think we all share thesame feeling here! indecision

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 29/06 08:42

    Me and you have something in common Brussie smiley

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 29/06 07:28

    I don't like mornings.

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 26/06 20:22

    Working Monday !

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 24/06 15:44

    Thanks. Passat feels little car now. 

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sat 24/06 14:04

    welcome home mate!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 23/06 22:50

    Sitting @ airport

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 18/06 17:32

    Brussie, good luck on your new adventure to see whales and hotter areas. Watch out for the bugs in the rainforest mate, I hear there are some big ol' spiders that live in there......Arachnophobia anyone??!! laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 18/06 05:13

    Tomorrow ferry to Vancouver island. Good bye rockies, hello Pacific ocean. Goodbye bears, hello whales. Goodbye snow, hello tropical rainforest.

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 18/06 03:52


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 15/06 18:01

    No clue who that is laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 14/06 17:38

    Anyone here got a Origin ID of "otmansarri"? Just got a friend request, no idea who it is.

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Mon 12/06 17:03

    R SIX time tonight! :)

  • hg.™S3ph on Sun 11/06 21:24

    I`m playing it wink, it`s just that those few times Ohdear is here i missed him or was in Siege game with the rest of hg.Squad^^.

    More then welcome to come online and play a ball with me smiley

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 11/06 03:17

    Analyze, skrim, and seph help oh dear with his addiction! 

  • Ohdear on Fri 09/06 07:27

    Now when Brussie is gone I demand that someone plays Rocket league with me! Can we get a group of 3 together and own? :D


  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 08/06 13:07

    I know I haven't been on much recently, but I'm still about laugh Anyone tried R6 since the patch? Made things better or worse?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 05/06 09:10

    Yo Brussie. Sorry I didn't get online yesterday. Have a great time in Canada. Post lots of pics laugh

  • Ohdear on Mon 05/06 08:29

    Enjoy Brussie! Hope you'll have a great time ^^


  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 04/06 23:21

    Have fun in the coming weeks boys. I am off to canada!

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 31/05 12:31

    Whatever comes first laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 31/05 12:30

    Or I make a goal like this Youtube

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 31/05 12:14

    When operation health is completed

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 31/05 11:45

    Brussie, when we gonna see your skills back on R6?? sad

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 30/05 15:15

    Happy own goaling you mean devil

  • Ohdear on Mon 29/05 06:47

    OMG BRUSSIE! I'm sorry for being late! Happy birthday my dude! Happy teamkilling! :D <3

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 28/05 22:49

    Good night !

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 28/05 12:26

    Great BBQ yesterday!

  • hg.™S3ph on Thu 25/05 08:39

    Ubi-always making something but who knows what...

    Something went wrong!!!frown

  • Ronnie on Thu 25/05 00:48

    Don't think it's a fix just a rank reset, new charm for your previous rank and new back ground 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 24/05 23:04

    No idea I've not seen any patch notes so far. But think it's the first step in Operation Health. No idea what it's trying to fix though.

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 24/05 19:12

    651 MB here. I don't have the texture pack.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 24/05 18:52

    What's the patch about?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 24/05 17:24

    I've got a 1.05Gb patch to download for Siege, (but then I do have the Ultra texture packed installed as well)

  • Ronnie on Wed 24/05 15:51

    Hope work goes alright pal. Don't listen to drunk, you'll be fine if anyone from the UK is like me ?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 24/05 09:18

    Good luck Dimitri. Stay safe dude, and remember if you get any guys from the UK there, take it easy on them, they're not all like Ronnie wink

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 24/05 07:03

    Let's all wish Dimitri a good working week as he starts today at 17:00. yes

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 23/05 13:58

    Quick Chilling game. Had to go on time to bed. Early day today.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 22/05 23:10

    Playing RL while not in Teamspeak no

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 22/05 22:18


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 22/05 22:01

    Why making plans for Friday when it's monday, monday-gaming initialized! laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 22/05 11:25

    I should be about on Friday as well Brussie for some Battlion action. Also apologies for not popping into the Rocket League channel last night. I'll pop into any channel people are in to at least say hi and bye from now on.

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 22/05 11:00

    Battaliom countdown started. Got a day off on Friday. 

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 21/05 19:48

    Guys, not because we are in different channel, that you can't say come and say hello when you connect to TS. no People just go to the siege channel. I have seen it multiple times this week or just disconnect TS from the channel without saying goodbye. frown 

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 21/05 00:37

    Out tonight

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 20/05 20:14

    Jumping on now if anyone is about?

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 20/05 14:30

    Let's shoot some people today? ?

  • hg.™S3ph on Sat 20/05 11:42

    Morning :)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 20/05 11:38

    Morning all laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 20/05 08:46

    Weekend :)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 17/05 16:11

    Demitri, check out the post titled "Clan meeting 1/5" in the Members section of the forum.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 17/05 16:04

    Server maintenance for R6 today from 4pm-5pm (CET)

  • MrKillFail on Tue 16/05 20:11

    congratulations Demitri!

  • Demi on Tue 16/05 17:09

    Thx guys! Glad to be part of the team?

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 16/05 11:46

    Spread the love heart Demi heart

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 16/05 11:44

    Morning Ronnie, (or whatever your name is) wink Yep congrats to Demitri on getting his tags. Good team player and a welcome addition to the clan.

  • Ronnie on Tue 16/05 11:29

    Good morning guys and congrats to demitchi for getting his clan tags last night laugh

  • Demi on Mon 15/05 16:44

    yeah ill be online! :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 15/05 16:13

    Lucky demi. Are you online today demi then? Around 21:30 laugh

  • Demi on Mon 15/05 15:39

    Demi is still on Vacation! :D

  • Ronnie on Mon 15/05 14:51

    I really dislike Mondays! Can't wait to finish work 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 15/05 08:46

    Getting beaten up by monday morning already cool

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 15/05 06:52

    And back to work frown

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 14/05 11:30

    Morning HG. Sunday and Tottenham's last ever game at White Hart Lane before it's bulldozed down and a new stadium is in place. Hope all Hero's are doing well kiss

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 14/05 09:05

    Quiet on the shout box crying

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 13/05 02:58

    free game 

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 12/05 06:40

    One day to go and it is weekend yes

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 10/05 19:13

    Or you don't want to rank up on the forum? laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 10/05 18:39

    Sorry Brussie. Done now mate

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 10/05 18:24

    Pleasw create topic in upcoming games topic. These will get lost in Shout box

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 10/05 16:37

    Looks very similar to R6, so not sure how much variety it will bring. But looks like they're trying to introduce some different features as well. No date on release though.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 10/05 15:44

    Possible new clan game. In development since 2016, check out the short trailer and some info here!!

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 09/05 10:51

    Lol @Seph!, they are crazy!

  • hg.™S3ph on Mon 08/05 22:09


    OMFG :)

  • magic_banana_ on Mon 08/05 21:11

    i did not think about that :/

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 08/05 19:56

    If you can't wait, then buy the 4pack and send sms to Robin and Niels that you handle it.

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 08/05 19:55

    Banana you idiot...

  • magic_banana_ on Mon 08/05 18:48

    okay i just bought rocket league could not wait anymore so seph skrim and bunch sorry :p

  • MrKillFail on Mon 08/05 10:55

    that is truly impressive

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 08/05 09:55

    I am amazing 4N4LYZE devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 07/05 22:58

    Dru k, you wouldn't be the first to put his wife on fire! cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 07/05 22:36

    Sorry demi, no gaming this evening. Played enough for the weekend. laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 07/05 22:31

    Holy sh*t drunk. That aint smart surprise

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 07/05 20:08

    So learnt a lesson just now. When going for a cigarette and your wife has been cooking, best not to play with the lighter around her as her clothes could catch quite quickly!! surprise

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Fri 05/05 10:43

    Countdown started! :D

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 05/05 09:14

    Good morning! Day 2! See you soon!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 05/05 01:23

    Sleepy time

  • hg.™denbutje on Thu 04/05 21:29

    @4n4LYZE will do as soon as i get home

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 04/05 18:49

    I won't be coming online anymore. Packing my stuff for tomorrow. double handgun

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 04/05 18:09

    Jumping into TS if anyone fancies some games

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 04/05 14:54

    Entrance fee 50 euro. devil.

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 04/05 10:59

    no! not anymore! :p

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 04/05 10:56

    Héhé! Everyone looking forward to the LAN PARTYYYY?!! double handgun

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 04/05 10:56

    m just thanking you... will never thank you again!

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 04/05 10:38

    @Skrimmie, posting here doesn't help your rank mate! cheeky

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 04/05 10:06

    ok nice analyze! 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 03/05 18:23

    My pleasure lads yes

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 03/05 13:54

    Thank you Drunky! heart

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 03/05 13:53

    Thank you Drunkmonk!  We can keep the website up and runninga bit longer now. laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 03/05 10:40

    @Denb, could you add a profile image to the website mate? laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 02/05 23:52

    Thanks @Skrimmie, more updates on this are incoming wink

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Tue 02/05 23:14

    The agenda is nice @analyze

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 02/05 21:06

    I played a few rounds with Dimitri this afternoon and I think he's lost his try hard pants cheeky

  • Demi on Tue 02/05 19:24

    @4N4LYZE, they are on first thing tomorrow! Now i just have to get through the last night at work!?

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 02/05 14:39

    @Demi, get your tryhard pants on m8, we've been training very hard lately laugh

  • Ronnie on Tue 02/05 12:51

    Congratulations on getting your clan tags lads laugh 

  • MrKillFail on Tue 02/05 12:11

    Ey thanks pal

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 02/05 11:22

    Yo KillFail and Denbutje. Congrats on the tags lads laugh

  • hg.™S3ph on Tue 02/05 10:53

    Welcome guys :)double handgunsome ppl^^

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Tue 02/05 09:17

    Welcome to our 2 last members! KillFail and Denbutje! 

  • Demi on Tue 02/05 01:37

    Sweet Monk! I have alot of gaming time lost i have go make up for?

  • Ronnie on Mon 01/05 20:01

    Hope to be back in time for the meeting just gotta have my pizza hut first then I'll be on my way back 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 01/05 19:53

    I'm on holiday next week Dimitri, so we can get some games in during the daylight hours too laugh

  • Demi on Mon 01/05 18:47

    Soon i am on vacation for three weeks!! 2 more nights at work! C u soon guys!

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 01/05 16:00

    Cool I'll be on from just before the meeting then. Maybe sooner if the boss is ok with it cheeky

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 01/05 15:48

    Changed on Calendar.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 01/05 15:45

    Sorry, it's at 9PM indeed, CET

  • Ohdear on Mon 01/05 15:28

    Sorry i mean 9?

  • Ohdear on Mon 01/05 15:28

    Meeting is at 7 right?


  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 01/05 13:33

    Yep already told the missus I'll be on from just before 7pm UK time for the meeting and then I presume we'll be getting some killing done double handgun

  • Ronnie on Mon 01/05 13:28

    I should be on from about 6 later. And will be there for the meeting 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 01/05 12:56

    Don't forget about the meeting boys laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 01/05 12:52

    Don't worry guys, we should all have some life left laugh​​​ Get your asses online asap devil​​​​

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 01/05 11:55

    Yeah it was my wife's birthday this weekend so I wan't on much. Sorry blush

  • Ohdear on Mon 01/05 11:50

    Sorry for not playing much this weekend guys. I´ve been busy with other things.


  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 30/04 00:49

    Night Brussie kiss

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 30/04 00:46

    Good night

  • Ronnie on Sat 29/04 20:35

    Not tonight I've had a few beers and off out to watch the boxing. Have a good night everyone 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 29/04 19:04

    Any gaming this evening? laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 29/04 18:57

    That's all on you man! 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 29/04 18:57

    Liking the new header!!!

  • Ronnie on Fri 28/04 21:35

    I've got myself a Google pixel got bored of my iPhone 

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 28/04 21:30

    I put my iphone 6 in the closet even thoug I get it from work. Got a Lenovo P2 in stead. 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 28/04 17:26

    Thankgod! Fuck this fruit!

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 28/04 16:56

    Just ordered myself the Samsung S8. Goodbye Apple!!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 28/04 12:17

    Painting lan party bedrooms tomorrow. Tonight gaming !

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 28/04 01:16

    I'll speak to Typhoon Brussie

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 27/04 19:26

    He still hasn't applied on the website.

  • Ronnie on Thu 27/04 19:12

    the servers are up and running for me

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 27/04 17:59

    Siege servers are currently down!

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 27/04 17:53

    Typhoon should also be back tomorrow night. He moved house and had to submit his dissertation. So hopefully he'll be back in TS from tomorrow!

  • Ronnie on Thu 27/04 14:53

    Yes I'm deffo on tonight 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 27/04 14:42

    Was hoping to be online last night, hoping my pass is now valid for tonight

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 27/04 14:33

    Gaming tonight?

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 27/04 07:56

    Freezing morning!

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 26/04 21:57

    Had to mow the grass.

  • Ohdear on Wed 26/04 19:29

    I have a short raid in 30min. it will take like 1h or something. After that i'll play :)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 26/04 18:19

    I'm in. Food is arriving at 6:15 (UK time) so I'm about to jump on now and then I'll be back once I've eaten as well

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 26/04 15:44

    I"m up for it for sure! 

  • Ronnie on Wed 26/04 14:57

    It was a good night for gaming smiley same again tonight anyone? 

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 26/04 10:59

    Indeed, good games (except 1)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 26/04 08:34

    Wonderfull games on ranked yesterday boyz! Keep up the good work 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 25/04 20:16

    Everyone carries me 4N4LYZE

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 25/04 18:48

    Was he carrying your ass again? 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 25/04 18:17

    Thomas the hacker 

  • MrKillFail on Tue 25/04 14:53

    i got a holliday mkay xd


  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 25/04 14:41

    Demi and killfail playing on a workday in the afternoon 

  • MrKillFail on Tue 25/04 14:39

    Got a fucking ACE!!!! hellyeah

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 25/04 11:48

    Belated morning HG. God I'm tired!

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 25/04 08:51

    Better awake this morning than yesterday.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 24/04 23:16

    Good games this evening 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 24/04 19:08

    Great! Now OD still needs to move on with his life laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 24/04 17:06

    Can confirm that we won't have to wait for Thomas' slow ass HDD any more in R6!! Whoop whoop!! wink

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 24/04 13:36

    Finally Thomas yes

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Mon 24/04 12:54

    now we can finally make a vote for you! 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 24/04 12:25

    Thankgod lol!laugh

  • MrKillFail on Mon 24/04 10:43

    Installing siege on my ssd now ;^)

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 23/04 13:41

    nice! :)   

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 23/04 08:01

    I love it heart

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 23/04 04:00

    @4N4LYZE - yes

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 22/04 22:47

    Website is a bit more mobile friendly now laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 22/04 22:40

    Nice one lol!

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 22/04 15:39

    Pff painting

  • Ronnie on Sat 22/04 10:42

    Be online for a couple games shortly 

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 22/04 09:32

    Nice who is online function

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 21/04 22:34

    New news article.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 21/04 11:13

    Quite mild here in London wink

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 20/04 06:49

    It is freezing outside surprise

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 19/04 17:33

    Found the patch notes : http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1636453-Patch-Notes-Update-2-1-3

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 19/04 17:32

    Looks like maintenance will finish around 5pm UK time (6pm CET) and apparently there will be a client patch to download once it's done.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 19/04 17:03

    Looks like it don't like the HTTPS format. Try again: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1630572-PC-Server-Maintenance-13Apr2017

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 19/04 17:02

    Sorry will make it a link this time https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1630572-PC-Server-Maintenance-13Apr2017

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 19/04 17:01

    Might be this : http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1630572-PC-Server-Maintenance-13Apr2017

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 19/04 17:00

    Some planned maintenance on the R6 servers from 4pm UK time (5pm CET). But can't find any news about it on the Ubi forums. Just see it when I try and launch the game, so no idea how long it's due to last

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 19/04 16:30

    Damn Brussie was that the rule for learning your real name?? crying

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 19/04 14:54

    You wrote my real name on the internet. Now I have to kill you. Will consider team kill or real. double handgun

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 19/04 08:34

    No Gert was definitely the new kittens I was playing with. Run out of blue pills this end, so need to get some more of those before I can play with the other kitten (at my age!) laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 19/04 06:38

    Or one kitten in particular? Aka the wife.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 18/04 23:25

    Sorry I missed you lads tonight. Playing with kittens laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 18/04 21:28

    Come drunk 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 18/04 16:57

    Fits you perfectly mate! yes

  • Ohdear on Tue 18/04 14:21

    Changed profile pic. Its more meme NAO AUUUGH GET TO THE CHOPPAH! AUUGGHHH

  • Ohdear on Tue 18/04 14:15

    Back to work? I'm omw home from work now :D

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 18/04 13:06


  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 18/04 11:33

    Back to work no

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 17/04 11:41

    Same here !

  • Ronnie on Mon 17/04 10:13

    Easter Monday gaming sounds good to me i should be on around 12 UK time 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 17/04 09:25

    Happy holidays HG smiley I should be on later today if anyone is about. Weather in London ain't upto much sad

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 17/04 08:37

    Easter Monday = chill day

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 16/04 21:26

    Count me in my Easter bunny!

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 16/04 21:19

    Late night Easter gaming?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 16/04 15:15

    Happy Easter Skrimmy and the rest of HG. I'll be off line for most of the rest of the day. Just had our friends come over for Easter roast!! angel

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 16/04 11:33

    Happy easter!!

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 15/04 17:24

    Cool. Ping me a message when you are on mate. I'm logged into UPlay

  • Ronnie on Sat 15/04 17:01

    Nice! I'll be on in half an hour then! 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 15/04 16:56

    Yeah I was thinking of jumping on in a bit

  • Ronnie on Sat 15/04 16:55

    Anyone going online this afternoon? 

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 15/04 09:29

    Easter weekend smiley

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/04 22:08

    Yeah I'm jumping on for a few rounds if anyone is about.

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 14/04 21:37


  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 14/04 20:32


  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/04 19:38

    Anyone here got an Origin ID of WolfsAngel1978? Got a friend request and have no idea who it is.

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Fri 14/04 19:17

    Date at 23h ?

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 13/04 19:20

    hg.love aye mate

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 13/04 18:28

    Another gay moment from Skrimmie laugh I should be online aswell double handgun

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 13/04 17:47


  • Ronnie on Thu 13/04 16:28

    I shall be online tonight probably around 6:30 UK time 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 13/04 16:06

    Thomas if you're on I will definitely be there sir!!

  • MrKillFail on Thu 13/04 15:40

    finnaly time for some siege this evening, who's with me

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 12/04 23:10

    Sorry Brussie. Night off tonight for me mate. Back tomorrow hopefully wink

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 12/04 20:56

    where is everybody?

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 11/04 23:06

    Free game! Intergalactic Bundle

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Tue 11/04 19:10

    finishing my lovely lasagna and i'm there

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 11/04 18:52

    Afternoon / Evening all. I should be on in a bit

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Tue 11/04 18:36

    When do i have to be on boys, time to kick some ass...

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 11/04 17:42

    Traffic jam. It is Easter holiday. no

  • Ohdear on Tue 11/04 08:33

    Good morning darling!

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 11/04 06:52

    Good morning !

  • Ronnie on Mon 10/04 19:03

    Online now if anyone fancies some Siege

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 10/04 14:59

    I will try and get on for a couple tonight. I was useless last night. Shockingly hungover!! blush

  • Ronnie on Mon 10/04 10:48

    Monday evening gaming smiley

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 10/04 10:20

    Working Monday. indecision

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 09/04 18:51

    i'm on :)


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 09/04 12:37

    Never finish with the last one devil

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 09/04 11:45

    Best thing to sort out a hangover Ronnie wink

  • Ronnie on Sun 09/04 11:44

    A bloody mary at this time of day surprise i suppose that's why they call you drunkmonk tho lol 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 09/04 11:40

    Yeah I should be on for a few rounds. Back to work tomorrow though, so won't be on late. Feeling a little rough today after drinking from 3pm yesterday. Have a Blood Mary right now to help sort me out blush

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 09/04 11:31

    Cycling afternoon with the gf

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 09/04 10:38

    Enjoy :p
    I'll be on this afternoon and evening :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 09/04 10:27

    Ok Ronnie, Have fun!

  • Ronnie on Sun 09/04 10:13

    Can't get online tonight unfortunately as I'm at my girlfriend's but will be online Monday evening all night ?

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 09/04 07:50

    Lets get some people online tonight! Ronnie, drumkmonk, analyze? wink

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 08/04 18:54

    Upgraded desktop as well

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 08/04 18:12

    So much updating (read money spending) I forgot there is more than one interpretation. :-)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 08/04 16:28

    Brussie, updated doesn't mean he bought something, in this case it was the creator update laugh

  • Ohdear on Sat 08/04 15:45

    Me and killfail are playing atm, come join us!

  • Ohdear on Sat 08/04 15:30

    They have arrested a man that is presumed to be the driver of the truck. a 39 year old man from uzbekistan that has connections with IS, what a supprise...

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 08/04 15:17

    What did you buy?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 08/04 12:46

    I just updated my gaming PC! Fingers crossed!

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 08/04 08:49

    Updating surface 4 as we speek.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 08/04 05:43

    Anyone updated to Windows 10 Creator yet? If so any issues?

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 07/04 22:47

    OD - I know how you feel mate. And this might sound like a cliche but honestly you let this effect your everyday life or change how you get about then they've won. I walked 7 miles to get into work when London was hit in 7/7 just so I could be there with my friends at work so that 1) I could be with all my friends and 2) cause there was no way I was gonna let anyone make me feel differently about my city. We sat in the pub the whole day! Loads of people I know in London did the same. It was our way of saying "fuck you"! Stay strong buddy. Remember what you love about your city and make sure they don't take it away.

  • Ohdear on Fri 07/04 22:24

    Yeah Monk, I've been shocked ever since I came home. Been glued to the live news. They have arrested a suspect who says he is the driver but nothing is confirmed. Regardless if it is or not the damage is done and sweden will never have the same atmosphere as it used to. Next thing could be a bomb, on the subway like we've seen in recent events.... I use the subway daily back and forth from work and it goes through the central where this thing happend. Its terrifying to be honest.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 07/04 21:20

    Man just seen the news on Sweden. Good to hear you and those you know are ok OD, but gotta feel for those effected by these atrocities.

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 07/04 19:52

    Sick news no

  • Ohdear on Fri 07/04 18:49

    I dont know many people in stockholm so thats "good". Everyone I do know is fine. Its just a huge shock... But it was bound to happen sooner or later.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 07/04 18:47

    Holy crap man! Ye what happened is unhuman. Hope noone you know was there?

  • Ohdear on Fri 07/04 18:45

    I was close to be a part of it aswell, was omw home from work, through where it happend. One hour before the terrorism happend....


  • Ohdear on Fri 07/04 18:45

    Dont know if you have read the news....Terror attack in sweden.


  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 07/04 01:17

    My wife's sister and her family will be over and on Saturday I'm out on a 40th birthday party. So I might not be back online till Sunday. Catch up soon guys. 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 06/04 23:39

    Tomorrow I go play some fake-tennis ( paddel ), I should be on a bit later though laugh

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 06/04 22:57

    Funny night! 2morrow again?! :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 06/04 22:19

    See ya tomorrow !

  • Ronnie on Thu 06/04 20:40

    online if anyone fancies some siege

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 06/04 20:37


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 06/04 16:49


  • Ohdear on Thu 06/04 16:35

    Save me! Im surrounded by Dutch people!

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 06/04 12:35

    It's called brilliancy Ohdear cheeky

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 06/04 12:28

    Looks like we have a game devil


  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 06/04 12:04

    Online tonight but I can't promise I will keep my cpu once I order a new one. angel

  • Ohdear on Thu 06/04 12:02

    Still chuckle about the TK you did on me yesterday Analyze Was so good xD


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 06/04 11:48

    You whoot skrimmie, I won't be the only TK'er of the evening laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 06/04 11:26

    Thanks OD, I'll deff. check them out! laugh

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Thu 06/04 11:26

    Hope you guys don't mind not being the best online 2night, cuz i'll be on <3

  • Ohdear on Thu 06/04 09:22

    Posted alot of suggestions and such for you to check out analyze ;)

  • Ohdear on Thu 06/04 09:02

    So Brussie, when will you come back? Have you learned your lession?

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 05/04 23:34

    TK'ing is a hg thing, Ronnie doesn't fully get the point yet laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 05/04 22:59

    Yeah very good games. @Brussie - you'll be happy to know that 4N4LYZE avenged you. It was a blatant TK. Playing as Glaz he "claims" I was glowing yellow and shot me in the back! angry

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 05/04 22:55

    Goooood games boyz!!! laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 05/04 22:31

    I got my stuff tomorrow wink

  • MrKillFail on Wed 05/04 20:30

    i'll be on in a few minutes yes

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 05/04 19:54

    It's build already. I did sold the Appartement when it was not yet ready. laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 05/04 19:44

    @Brussie - I can't believe you sold your PC parts before you'd got your new PC built man!! Please tell me you're never going to build your own house or something cheeky

  • Ohdear on Wed 05/04 19:29

    Im playing atm, anyone wanna hop in? Brussie mayube? oh wait.

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 04/04 18:38

    and 5% for me. My idea! devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 04/04 16:17

    Nope, website is our only contact point so far laugh Doing great deals on the website I see! 5% fee for me cheeky

  • Ohdear on Tue 04/04 16:07

    Package will soon be sent :)

  • Ohdear on Tue 04/04 16:07

    Anyone know where mrfreekill is? I need to chat with him! 

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 04/04 06:42

    Welcome back Niel!

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 04/04 01:41

    Nice game Anbaji. Sorry I wasn't much use tonight, so tired. But unpacking is almost done, meaning I should be on a bit more now lads cool

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 03/04 22:40

    I'll pass mate sorry, lot's of work to do frown

  • Ronnie on Mon 03/04 20:16

    Anybody coming online tonight?

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 02/04 18:28

    I'll be back

  • Ohdear on Sun 02/04 16:38

    Where the hell is everyone!? I WANNA PLAAAAY

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 01/04 23:17

    Sunday gaming double handgun

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 01/04 15:23

    I was, but not that late angel Good weekend!

  • Ronnie on Sat 01/04 13:41

    Have a good weekend everyone 

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 01/04 11:21

    Good weekend boys!

  • Ronnie on Sat 01/04 01:05

    Anyone still online? Lol 


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 31/03 21:46

    You can always take all seeing Glaz don't worry wink

  • Ronnie on Fri 31/03 21:39

    Blurry i mean lol 

  • Ronnie on Fri 31/03 21:28

    Sounds good mate my vision might be a bit blurp as I've had a couple of pints lol 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 31/03 21:22

    For sure man, I'll be on in an hour then wink

  • Ronnie on Fri 31/03 21:17

    Anyone tonight? I'm currently in the pub but will be on in about an hour if anyone fancies some siege?

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 31/03 20:40

    Washed my ride wink

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 31/03 20:38

    Yo guys grabbing a kebab so on my phone. Hope you're all hammering the opposition double handgun

  • Ronnie on Fri 31/03 12:58

    Hope the move goes well drunkmonk, I'm sure we will see you online Monday evening when your settled in! 

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 30/03 22:38

    Good luck with the move drunk! It's a please to game with you too double handgun

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 30/03 22:37

    Yo Drunk, don't worry m8 we'll be here when you come back! wink Good luck with the house move, and always keep the missus happy laugh

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 30/03 22:14

    Hey guys. Sorry I didn't get on tonight missus insisted I help with packing sad I won't be on tonight and I won't be back online till Monday next week after our house move. Just wanted to say it's been a real pleasure gaming with you all. Keep gaming and I'll catch you all next week. 

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 30/03 14:28

    I ment skrimbler.cheeky

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 30/03 13:58

    @Brussie, you're not a noob m8, just less experienced devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 30/03 13:57

    Is that really for you to say?  laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 30/03 13:45

    Have a good holiday. @ciryk no team killing wink

  • Ronnie on Thu 30/03 13:02

    Have a good time seph see you online when your back. 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 30/03 12:26

    Enjoy your time off mate! Get your spirits up and let's shoot some noobs afterwards! double handgun

  • hg.™S3ph on Thu 30/03 12:13

    Guys, i`m away for few days. Have fun :)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 29/03 19:36

    I'll be on shortly guys, I'm out for a walk with the dog wink

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 29/03 18:52

    @Brussie, again you have a headstart in bowling laugh We should go practice together instead enlightened

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 29/03 18:29

    I've got social obligations today and tomorrow with work bowling. So see you in the weekend !

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 29/03 16:17

    I'm hoping to be on from about 4pm UK time. Last day working before the house move so I plan on finishing on time, and as I'm working from home it's straight to R6!! double handgun

  • Ronnie on Wed 29/03 14:38

    Hoping to get myself online for an hour tonight about 18:00 UK time 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 29/03 11:27

    @Ohdear, he replied an hour ago on your topic, don't think he forgot about it laugh
    @DrunkMonk, goodmorning and indeed, let's hope so! 

  • Ohdear on Wed 29/03 10:32

    Anyone got mrkillfail on anything? I think he forgot about the headset. Can you poke him and show him the thread if you have him? xD

  • DrunkMonk74 on Wed 29/03 09:47

    Morning you crazy people. Hope everyone is ok, and that Ubi servers manage to stay up today laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 29/03 00:43

    Goodnight guys, thanks for the games! laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 28/03 20:56

    double handgun

  • Ronnie on Tue 28/03 20:39

    look like the servers are back up and running now

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 28/03 19:58

    @4N4LYZE....you da man!
    @OhDear.....I measure furniture in cm's!! What are you, a bit of Ikea flat pack?? cheeky

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 28/03 19:50

    You boyyzz, within your profile settings you should be able to upload your avatar now. laugh

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 28/03 19:17

    I prefer gta online then or bf3/4. double handgun

  • Ohdear on Tue 28/03 19:01

    Drunk I'm just about 190cm...Which is 6"3 in retard measurement.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 28/03 17:58

    We can always head back to online Tetris. For those with no knowledge about Tetris, use this tutorial. Let's stack some this evening! devil

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 28/03 17:39

    Yeah uPlay down at present! @4N4LYZE - Think Brussie has already told me my application has been cancelled. So I'm now hanging around as an example to others of what NOT to do when trying to join surprise

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 28/03 17:06

    Did they break it, again? laugh

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 28/03 15:43

    @DrunkMonk, with a bit more love those might be yours too laugh But I'd have to convince Brussie as you've probably killed him too many times already ( Good job yes )

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 28/03 15:19

    Look at Ronnie rocking his hg tags. Congrats dude!! heart

  • Ronnie on Tue 28/03 12:01

    Looking forward to a night of gaming later, hope to see you all online later double handgun

  • DrunkMonk74 on Tue 28/03 09:22

    Come on then OD, how tall are you? I presume you are a true Viking!!?? wink

  • Ohdear on Tue 28/03 08:40

    Daaw thats cute, Monk :D

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 27/03 21:34

    @OhDear - 1.78M that's how tall I am! blush

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 27/03 21:30

    Brussie, I'm moving house man, not sure I can afford a road trip to Ghent this year. Keep the parties / get togethers going though and I'd be up for future ones.

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 27/03 14:03

    You pass ghent on your way to the lan party. So you can pick up some extra stash. Pick up Ronnie in your way over. wink

  • DrunkMonk74 on Mon 27/03 11:12

    For the Belgium contingent. My favourite beer of all time : https://www.amazon.co.uk/St-Stefanus-Blonde-Beer-330/dp/B018LV9ZHI

  • Ohdear on Mon 27/03 09:57


  • Ronnie on Mon 27/03 01:12

    I will b on in the next half hour

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 26/03 22:55

    Ronnie we missed you crying

  • MrKillFail on Sun 26/03 18:41

    i'll also be on this eveningyes

  • Ronnie on Sun 26/03 16:31

    Sounds good I'll be on this evening too after the pub lol 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 26/03 15:39

    I'm on now doing some web stuff, drop by whenever you like wink

  • hg.™Brussie on Sun 26/03 13:52

    I believe later this afternoon. This evening for sure as well! 

  • Ronnie on Sun 26/03 13:03

    What time are people online later today then? 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 26/03 00:27

    Great 4v4 guys! We should do this more often yes Thanks DrunkMonk, we do our best! wink

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sun 26/03 00:14

    The website is great........4N4LYZE hacks! All I have to say tonight cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 25/03 18:20

    I al in a bachelor party today. Home around 22 fit a game. Good recruiting drunk' yes solid guys als girls always welcome. More people means more gaming nights. Make sure They hit the apply button. wink

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sat 25/03 14:18

    Hahahha have some good times Ronnie! yes @DrunkMonk, no problem man, the more cool guys the better! Me, Skrimbler & Banana are having a bbq this evening, but we should play afterwards though laugh

  • Ronnie on Sat 25/03 13:51

    It was a few lucky games lol i probably won't be able to see straight tomorrow tho aha 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 25/03 13:47

    Ronnie!! You hacker!! Have a good time mate. Catch ya tomorrow sir. Hopefully you'll be so hungover you won't kill me continuously!! angry

  • Ronnie on Sat 25/03 13:34

    Have a good Saturday everyone I'm spending mine in a beer garden. I'll see you all online tomorrow for some gaming. 

  • DrunkMonk74 on Sat 25/03 13:20

    Hey guys, hope it's ok. Another guy added me from my post on UPlay, (one Brussie found), who was also looking for some guys to game with. He's 27 from the Netherlands, really nice guy. His UPlay name is: Bradsjap and his Discord name is: Anbaji. I invited him into the test Discord server and me and Thomas gamed for a few hours with him. Hope that's ok, apologies if it's not.

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 24/03 20:33

    Hey guys me and Thomas (MrKillFail) are in Discord. Hope to hear more of you soon!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 24/03 19:37

    Nice smileys yes

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 24/03 19:16

    Lets shoot some people this evening shall we?! double handgun

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 24/03 13:57
    Website got transfered to new host to improve load times. Please let me know if you have any issues.

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 24/03 11:47
    +1 for drunkmonk

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 24/03 10:53
    I think it's still valuable for me to go through the process so you could use it as an example to others of what NOT to do during your application!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 24/03 09:53
    Not just delayed, cancelled. :D

  • DrunkMonk74 on Fri 24/03 09:03
    Yeah had some fun games. I think I might have delayed my acceptance into hg a little by TK'ing Brussie. Sorry!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 24/03 06:29
    Fun yesterday! Late night Friday gaming is an option. :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 23/03 19:36
    Me too. Was thinking The same! Till the misses complains on not enough attention ,:)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 23/03 19:05
    I'll have some games with you guys for sure! :)

  • Ronnie on Thu 23/03 16:18
    Nice one I'll be on after 6 and get a few games in before my missus comes round lol

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 23/03 15:49
    I'm hoping to get on around 4:30pm UK time, (5:30 CET)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 23/03 15:48
    I'm hoping to get on so long as the missus don't scowl at me :-)

  • Ronnie on Thu 23/03 15:02
    Anyone online tonight for some games?

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 23/03 11:58
    We aint looking for pro's, anyone with a good attitude is welcome and that you are! Don't be a stranger! ;)

  • DrunkMonk74 on Thu 23/03 10:21
    Morning guys. Just wanted to say thanks for the games last night. Was fun, (till my game crashed). Like I said, I ain't a pro :-)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 22/03 22:41
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeea for sure! Siege time :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 22/03 20:29
    Up for a game tonight?

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 22/03 20:29
    Great new updates on the site today.

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 17/03 23:44
    Great gaming night. Nice to see OhDear again aka Arnold Scharwzeneger!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 17/03 19:47
    I do, But first need to get home. Birthday grandma lindsey.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Fri 17/03 18:19
    I'll make it Friday gaming, who's joining me this evening? :)

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Fri 17/03 15:05
    Gaming sunday! are you in?

  • hg.™S3ph on Thu 16/03 23:26
    Lovely Brussie :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 16/03 20:08
    new day, new changes :-)

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 16/03 08:51
    Nice one Brussie! :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 16/03 06:53
    Everyday progress. Check out the about tab. :)

  • hg.™S3ph on Tue 14/03 21:56
    Hello :), New site :), Lovely^^

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 14/03 00:43
    Welcome to the new site boys! :)