What would a gaming clan be without some in-game rules, these rules include: in-game chat and teamplay.

There will be no trashtalk
Us at hg.gaming have had a whole lot of trash talk upon us before, this does not mean we should return them the favor. As long as you have a hg-tag on there will be no trashtalk.

Be friendly to each other
We've all encountered it once before, your friend is playing bad and you feel like cursing him to bits. You can make a quick remark or make a swift joke about it so he realises it but don't push it to hard. We like to keep it fun.


Cheating with a tag or during your stay @hg.gaming is zero-tolerance. You'll get banned immediately and remove from everywhere you have association with us. We are a fair bunch of guys and we don't want anyone around associated with cheats. Even not on other games, ZERO TOLERANCE!!!!


In-game streaming and recording is allowed, even with Discord voices. Do let everyone in the channel know when you start streaming.