You are a role model

To all the new guys coming on Discord ( Recruit or no recruit ) you are a role model, so you should act like it. When you see a new guy coming in on Discord talk to him, say "Hi! I'm a proud hg.Member" and make him feel welcome and you might even ask why he's here ( looking for a team, or hanging around ), if he's looking for a team send them to the application form, only then his trial period will start.


As a member of hg.gaming you are allowed to kick people for a valid reason, when you do, please let the admins know what you did and why.

Text chat

There are multiple channels in the text chat. The principle is the same as on the forum. The all people chat is open to all users on Discord. Keep this for the light talks and arranging gaming nights. Ask questions like who wants to join you in a particular game or ask who will be online tonight. You can share links to (gaming) news and trailers.

The fun talks chat is where you can have funny discussions on any topic. Joke around, post funny videos, you can post here anything. But just like on the forum, keep it decent! No adult content or what so ever. You are still representing the clan in a public chat. The admins will moderate the chat.

Then there is the members only chat. This is for the members eyes only. You can raise question to the admins here. Post suggestions are anything you feel about sharing about the clan.

Mobile app

It is highly recommended to install the mobile app of Discord on your smartphone. This way you stay in touch with all the members and recruits. If anyone asks you a question, you can quickly respond.