Tactical keyboard mapping R6 Siege

Written by hg.4N4LYZE in Rainbow Six Siege at

I noticed a lot of players are still confused about which keys need to be assigned where and therefor I'll share my configuration with the world which I've used for the past 12 years of PC gaming.

Update 17/07/2018

Since Siege creators decided that the camera controls should now be different keys from your normal walk left and right keys, you now have the option to change those as well. The two buttons are called "Cycle left", and "Cycle right". So to switch between drones I tried to reset mine to be the same again but I then noticed I couldn't walk left and right anymore. As much as I hate the change, I swapped by keys to be A and E so they're not so far out of reach.

Mouse settings

First of all, make sure your mouse acceleration is off. I'm not Google, so don't ask me how to do it :)

Mouse sensitivity
This is a big one, and many people I know still use high sensitivity on their mice. Mine is current running @700 DPI with ingame a sensitivity on both horizontal and vertical "9". Therefor I make good use of the size of my mousepad, so for those with a little mousepad, either get a bigger one or have it a little faster.

Having a slower sensitivity is key to precision shots, I've played for a long time and I've been lowering mine since I started. It's a long process but eventually you'll see the benefits of lowering it bit by bit. 

Mouse settings
I use my side buttons on the mouse to lean left & right, therefor I don't need to move my hands from the walk buttons and still got my fingers on the trigger! I know a lot of people use the toggle option, and that's fine. But I feel more comfy to have it on hold as it's a pain to to shoot while making sure you hold that button ( otherwise your vision moves from the target ). Yes I have to do one more click to walk straight again, but that's just a habbit.

And as most of you probably have, the main action of that character ( placing thermite charges f.e. ) I have it on the middle mouse button.

Keyboard settings
Now this is not as important as the mouse, and didn't even feel bothered to talk about until I noticed some weird setups in our small community.

Take a look at the screenshots below and copy them if you feel like to. Keyboard is all about personal preference but I just want to show what I'm playing like.

Actual keyboard controls start here, I have an AZERTY keyboard, so you guys probably should switch it to QWERTY

Have a look at the graphic settings I'm using and how to choose yours!


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