Siege: Mid Season Reinforcements

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Siege: Mid Season Reinforcements

After watching the Twitch stream on the mid season reinforecements update to Rainbow Six Siege, am I very excited!

My favorite operator, Kapkan gets a buff. He goes from 1 speed operator to a 2 speed operator. His traps become invisible and het gets an additional 2, making it 5 in total. A change Kapkan needed. He was to slow to have a big role in the meta and his traps were even after the first buff, still not usefull. Orignaly the laser of the traps was full visible, then they became half visible and you could place them on different heights. But only 1 in 5 got detonated and in Ranked even less. They are however no longer lethal. They do 60 dammage to a 1 speed attacker. A shield however will protect you from dammage, just like a shield protects you from C4.

The next major change is for Blitz. The shield operator can now run with the shield in front of him for protection. Note: he can not run faster as before. He still runs like a 1 speed operator and his feet are still open when running. However this change will allow him to close the gap to the defender to flash him with less risk. He can't shoot while running, which remains also unchanged.

 Third change is not a buff but a nerf. Ela will lose a mine, so she keeps only three. This will avoid that she can defend the bomb spots and use one as a grenade. Choices to make from now on. Also the recoil got increased on her Scorpion as the gun was OP with 51 bullets and very little recoil.


Off course the patch will bring bug fixes. The most important one is the Castle glitch fix and the Montagne shield bug. For all patch notes, read on the site: Siege official patch notes



  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 29/12 10:29

    LAN PARTY devil

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    Tomorrow patch day BF V

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    Nightmare form the loss yesterday 🤠 

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    Lovely games this evening! We haven't lost any games! yes

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 24/10 15:45

    Happens when you fall asleep behind keyboard devil

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    Who's online this evening? Looks like I still am! (Forgot to shutdown pc) double handgun

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    Woke up ill today. No gaming for me tonight. crying

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    One month to BF5.double handgun

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    Nice to end the day yesterday with a victory. Sleeps better. devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 14/08 09:21

    Those were quite the matches yesterday cheeky

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    Countdown to rocket league party! And comeback to siege yesterday after 9m.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 03/05 22:44

    Who's up for some games tomorrow? laugh Let's start the weekend on a good note!

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    trying to join discord but the link is dead


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    Nah, invite expired on it


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 05/04 19:09

    I think Discord is open for everyone? When you open the discord viewer on the website.

  • Hunter on Sat 24/03 17:42

    cool, if you inv me to your discord i'll join you next time your on bf1. Only if you want me to though of course! =)


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