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Like most people, (and we say most for a reason, which you’ll learn as you read), the Manchester attacks in which 22 people died and 56 were injured (as we understand at the time of writing), caused us all to shake our heads, wonder why people carry out such mindless acts, and yet again re-iterate how sick these people are. But we wanted to do something else as well, share with anyone who would listen, what “ordinary” people think and feel. Hence this article.

First off, it’s a sad testament to the current world we live in, that such acts have become so regular, that anyone, (us included), must think of a different way of expressing our horror. The days of acts, such as those in Manchester, being so rare as to truly shock the world, sadly seem to be a distant memory. Take nothing away, no one in HG can understand the pain and suffering this has caused those families directly affected, and we are sure for them the shock is only too real. But if people are honest, they will shake their heads and admit, that they are no longer as shocked as the very first time they heard of any sort of attack like this.

These were people, children, simply going about their lives, enjoying some downtime, going to see an idol, socialising, creating memories. All those memories have been destroyed, and for many, replaced with the worst kind of nightmare imaginable.

As gamers, you simply cannot imagine being online, chatting to your friends and team mates, only for some catastrophic event to occur that makes you never want to pick up a controller or sit in front of a keyboard and mouse again.

Our community is made up of gamers from all over Europe, from Belgium to Netherlands, Sweden to the UK. We simply get along. Race and religion do not matter, respect is all that counts. What would the world be like if we all thought like that? The world is getting smaller, population is growing, density is increasing and the days of Phileas Fogg and travelling around the world in 80 days, (there are now some remarkable speeds thanks to some space age vehicles), are long gone.

There is a saying, “a person is smart, people are dumb”, and it’s very easy to say a religion or group are all as vile as each other. But when it comes to these acts of terror, you need to reverse that saying, and remember that “people are good, individuals are evil”. For some this is never going to be something they can agree with, after all, all Muslims are terrorists, right?! If you think that we urge you to watch Lone Survivor, which is based on a true story. Watch to the end, and then see if you can still stand by that statement or thought.

We honestly believe there are more good people in the world than evil. At times like these it’s easy to forget. But look at the aftermath of the football match between Borussia Dortmund and Monaco. It started in the stadium, with Monaco fans chanting Dortmund’s name, and carried on outside the stadium as locals offered room and food to those Monaco fans who didn’t have a place to stay. Social media was awash with images of Dortmund and Monaco fans together:



Similar acts of kindness and togetherness have been shared after the Manchester attack. From queues of people willing to give blood to help, to taxi drivers giving free lifts to anyone who needed them. But maybe the one post that really said it better than we ever could, was this:

It doesn’t matter what colour, creed, religion you are. In every walk of life there will be those who simply know no other way of expressing themselves but to destroy, cause pain, and oppress others. However, they are in the minority. The rest of us simply need to remember that.

From HG to anyone affected by the atrocities in Manchester, and the numerous other attacks around the globe, we send you all the light and love we can. No one in the world needs or should face this alone.

Peace to the world.

Written by hg.Drunkmonk


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