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I'm hg.4N4LYZE, team captain of hg.gaming and I'll write about a few things you can do the improve your in-game score and lead your team to victory.

Be CAREFULL, but don't overthink it

I've seen a lot of people make this simple mistake is to simply overthink your action, I have overcome that by training myself. 

Rainbow Six Siege has relatively slow gameplay compared to other shooters, so off course everyone is going to be more carefull. The problem with this is though that people overthing their actions f.e. : "You encounter someone, he's shooting his full ammunition clip and starts reloading, so what do you do?"

In this situation I personally would go for the attack while he's reloading, it took me a while to overcome that 'fear' but most of the time you'll take him by suprise.

So tip number one, be carefull but take action.

Play with a team or friends

You may have noticed this already, but Siege is a teamplay game. I noticed this from day one I started playing that this is not a game to be played alone. And some still do? 

Playing in a team will always benefit your gameplay, but the important thing within teamplay is communication, @hg.gaming we keep the comms short and try to avoid confusion at all times. 

If you happen to have no team yet, feel free to join us here, but read on as we're not finished yet!

Use sound

As a PC-gamer since 2006 I got used to a lot of different sound orientations within different games. I always felt like Battlefield and other shooters were lacking in that perspective. Siege on the other hand has a main focus on sound and especially directional sound. 

I often look straight up a wall as I know I hear one behind it to actually pin-point where the player actually is just by listening, it's a true working-point for every gamer and it still is for me today. 

Don't worry if you still need progress here, games are getting better in this and so is your sound gear.

Think ahead of the competition

You ever had a guy own you like crazy on which you face-palmed yourself that he tricked you that way? I sure have!

"Being the smarter player" is a main goal in Siege as it's all about strategic gameplay, off course it is a team sport but you as a player should have your own approach to different solutions, especially in those famous and lovely 1v5 situations.

Being ahead of the competition is all about training and experience, but for most people it just doesn't happen. People refer to this as gamesense, either you have it or not IS WRONG.

Some people just have it way faster, play with those who are better than you, or even better play against them.

@hg.gaming we sometimes have time for a 4v4, 5v5 internal and we learn how every teammember plays, but most important of all we know how they play as an opponent and how to solve different situations.

Watch other people play

In the beginning of the game the ESL competition was a hype in Siege, many videos were posted online with great teams and great players. Many strategies and different approaches which had one goal, winning. Take a look at Youtube and see how the pro's do it!


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