How to choose operators plus personal experience - Rainbow Six Siege

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How to choose operators plus personal experience - Rainbow Six Siege

As we all know Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter. To compete against the skilled enemies you encounter during gametime you'll need to come up with some good strategies and a good strategy always starts with good preparation. 


It's all about preperation:

  • Choice of operator
  • Choice of weapon
  • Choice of weapon attachments
  • Choice of perks / grenades

Choice of operator

When choosing an operator you have to take two things into consideration, the amount of armor and the weapons/perks.


Armor is always important in a shooting game, but the interesting part in Siege is that the more armor you have, the slower you move. When your speed decreases you become an easier target for the enemy, when you don't have any armor you move ultra fast and therefore become a harder target.

Meaning you have three choices:

  • Heavy
  • Speedy
  • Sweet spot

I usually pick the "sweet spot" for defending as you'll be playing more passively on defense. For attack I prefer "speedy" as you, as an attacker, will determine the pace of the game, therefore speed is important. Of course a "sweet spot" operator can be used on attack as well because of the better perks.

To have a good overview on which class has the most armor or speed take a look here:

Weapons and perks

Weapon of choice will always be personal preference so here I will share mine, along with the operators I'm most efficient with.

UMP45 with Holo, Muzzle brake and Angled grip.
5.7 USG with Muzzle brake
Impact grenades

The slow fire-rate of Castle's gun might be hard to deal with in the beginning, but once you manage it the low recoil really benefits long distance headshot shooting.

The use of impact grenades is soley used for creating passages through wooden walls, so we can expand the area. Combined with Castle's perk which can reinforce doors or windows, he's an excellent choice for any defender.

M580A1 shotgun with Holo
SMG-11 with Holo, Compensator and vertical grip
Barbed wire

Smoke is a tricky operator to play, but he's a real game changer in the right hands. The shotgun is used to open as much as possible (but still useful) so you have a bigger area to defend from. Did you ever feel locked inside a room and you were thinking, "Well, I'm fucked now". Smoke can make passages which you can easily sneak through to escape your fear of being locked up. The hardest part, (but also the strongest), about Smoke is the secondary weapon. With a high rate of fire you can eliminate the enemy in a blink of an eye. The issue here is your clip runs out pretty quickly, and as it is a secondary weapon, there's not a lot of ammo.

R4-C, Muzzle brake, Vertical grip + ACOG
M45 Muesoc with muzzle brake
Stun grenade

Ash is one of my favorite operators, one of the fastest operators in the game with a really good gun. As her perk she has an explosive breach round which can open any wall which is not reinforced. Keep in mind, you barely have any armor with her.

Most played operators


  • Jäger
  • Castle
  • Mute
  • Mira
  • Smoke
  • Valkyrie


  • Ash
  • Blackbeard
  • Glaz
  • Capitão
  • Thermite/Hibana & Thatcher


In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. I feel the most comfortable with fast-paced operators as that's my kind of gamestyle. Some might be a bit more cautious and opt for a bit more armor.

When you are new to R6 Siege I suggest choosing the "sweet spot" operators. They have a good balance between speed and armor and most of them have good perks which is a bonus for every team.


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