Ghost Recon: Title Update 9

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Ghost Recon: Title Update 9

- Ghost War: In this update, we fixed the progression issue that you reported, as well as added a way to go to the store straight from the Ghost War menu, which is a feature that many of you asked for. We also fixed many UI- and HUD-related issues. A full list of the changes can be found below.

- PC trial version. You can try out all the game features for up to five hours. If you decide to purchase the game after playing the trial, your progress will be saved, so you can pick up exactly where you left it off.

- As of tomorrow, we will begin a very special celebration: We invite you to enter the Wildlands tomorrow!

PvP fixes:

- Fixed an issue where the character becomes stuck in a knockout animation loop when knocked out immediately after getting healed.

- Fixed an issue where the frame rate would drop when scrolling through the tutorial menu videos.

- Fixed an issue where the character’s weapon was bouncing left to right on the endgame cinematic.

- Fixed an issue where the Trainee perk would not award the correct amount of XP.

- Fixed an issue where some actions were incorrectly mapped in the control scheme pictures in the Options menu.

- Fixed an issue where the first loading screen of a second consecutive Quickplay match shows the scores from the previous match.

- Fixed an issue where the Ready button was not being displayed if the player had pressed ESC or the B button on a controller right before the second-round loadout stage.

- Fixed an issue with misleading HUD prompts for several weapons during aim- down sights.

- Fixed an issue where the paint presets for weapons did not update correctly.

- Fixed an issue where the HUD prompts for the class’ special ability were still being displayed while swimming.

- Fixed an issue where the weapon reticule would not display on the HUD after being flashed.

- Weapons can now be customized directly from the Loadout menu as opposed to the Edit Appearance menu page.

- Store entry option has been added to the PvP Main Menu.

- Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t receive XP after finished match.

Campaign fixes:

- Helicopters will no longer run out of ammo upon extended usage.

PC-specific fixes:

- Fixed an issue where the character model’s textures would not apply new texture quality settings.

- Fixed an issue where the Czech and Brazilian Portuguese localizations were missing from the Challenges/Ubisoft Club news slot.

- Fixed an issue where the Switch Underbarrel option was present in Key Mapping, instead of Toggle Automark.

- Fixed an issue where the player names could not be selected with the mouse on the scoreboard page.

- Fixed an issue with the loading screens: they are now 4k UHD.

- Fixed an issue where the Toggle Automark option was missing and could not be reassigned to another key.

- Players now have the option to select Quit to the Desktop or Quit to Main Menu from the PvP Lobby.


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