Ghost Recon: PvP Ghost War

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Ghost Recon: PvP Ghost War

Eight months have past since we relaunched hg.gaming with the new website. The clan has spread over many countries with the recruitment of new members. We are now present in the UK (Ronnie, DrunkMonk74, Hunter, HeymanJr), Sweden (OhDeaR, Demithri, Chocolate), the Netherlands (Killfail) and Belgium (Denbutje).

Our activity got more diversified as well. At the start we were only playing Rainbow Six: Siege. But today we have members playing PUBG, Rocket League and the occasional match of Company of Heroes 2.

Some other games we tried but after the first test, we found that they were missing a key element: tactics. The games I am talking about were Battlefield One, Call of Duty: World War II, Overwatch, Quake Champions, Lawbreakers,...

Today we will go for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP mode "Ghost War"! After playing Siege, going back to run and shoot games like Battlefield and Call of Duty doesn't feel fun anymore. We need the tactical aspect in the game. So we hope to see an even bigger tactical approach in Ghost War than in Siege.

The good news is that this weekend will be free to play! Followed by a 50% discount on the purchase. So no excuse for not trying the next potional clan game!

Watch this movie and get hyped! The operators choices look great and the world we will play in feels like paradise. I am happy to hear that there will be after launch support with new game modes, new maps, new operators, new wapons, ranked table and so on.

Update 10/10/'17
Ubisoft mentioned in a post that the PC release is delay with 2 days and is due to 12/10/'17.


  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 29/12 10:29

    LAN PARTY devil

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 03/12 22:50

    Tomorrow patch day BF V

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 22/11 16:58

    The game is awesome devil

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 19/11 21:33

    BF V tomorrow !double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 10/11 23:15

    New TS IP:

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 26/10 08:16

    Nightmare form the loss yesterday 🤠 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 24/10 23:40

    Lovely games this evening! We haven't lost any games! yes

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 24/10 15:45

    Happens when you fall asleep behind keyboard devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 24/10 12:44

    Who's online this evening? Looks like I still am! (Forgot to shutdown pc) double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 23/10 12:26

    Woke up ill today. No gaming for me tonight. crying

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 22/10 20:33

    One month to BF5.double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 18/10 09:47

    Nice to end the day yesterday with a victory. Sleeps better. devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 14/08 09:21

    Those were quite the matches yesterday cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 14/08 08:51

    Countdown to rocket league party! And comeback to siege yesterday after 9m.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 03/05 22:44

    Who's up for some games tomorrow? laugh Let's start the weekend on a good note!

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 03/05 12:55 I will update the link this evening wink

  • Wombatron on Thu 03/05 09:27

    trying to join discord but the link is dead


  • Hunter on Thu 05/04 22:34

    Nah, invite expired on it


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 05/04 19:09

    I think Discord is open for everyone? When you open the discord viewer on the website.

  • Hunter on Sat 24/03 17:42

    cool, if you inv me to your discord i'll join you next time your on bf1. Only if you want me to though of course! =)


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