Best weapon in Siege

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What's the best gun for attackers? What's the best gun for defenders? What's the best side arm? Again questions we all ask ourself and here is the answer. 

I thought I would need to do some research on the stats of each gun but there are three amazingly good videos on the topic with the recent weapon changes included since operation Para Bellum. So let's have a look:



Number 5: AK-12 (Fuze)

Number 4: R4-C (Ash)

Number 3: MK 14 EBR (Buck)

Number 2: C7E (Jackal)

Number 1: F2 (Twitch)

Did not make the list:

Type-89 (Hibana) due to low capacity

L86A2 (Sledge, Thatcher) due to low fire rate



Number 5: 9X19VSN (Kapkan)

Number 4: T-5 SMG (Lesion)

Number 3: MP7 (Bandit)

Number 2: 416-C (Jäger)

Number1: Alda 5.56 (Maestro)

Did not make the list:

Scorpion Evo 3 A1 (Ela) due to increased recoil



Side arms:

Number 5: Keratos .357 (Alibi, Maestro)

Number 4: SMG-11 (Sledge, Smoke)

Number 3: C75 Auto (Vigil, Dokabei)

Number 2: Bearing 9 (Echo, Hibana)

Number 1: SMG-12 (Vigil, Dokabei)


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