Operators meta Season 8 defenders

Operators meta Season 8 defenders

"What is the best defender?" "Which operator is most picked?" Question we see alot on the internet. There are many choices today. Some operators fit better in a teamplay than others. Especially when you are new to the game, you might be wondering, which operators to unlock first. Let discuss them here.

Optimize your graphic settings in R6 Siege

Are u curious if you're using the right graphical settings for your game? How can you improve your in-game experience by saving some FPS and even if your machine is a beast, eliminate the eye-candy to see your opponents faster.

The key to optimize your graphic settings in Rainbow Six Siege is to pay attention that you don't set everything to max even if you have a monster pc. Many of the graphic settings make it both harder to see enemies or can even cause you headaches, talking to you, bloom. If you've got a lower end system I've got you covered as well, as it's tempting to put everything on low so settings can gain you a lot more vision for a small punch on FPS.

My setup

To give you a starting point of what you can expect out of your system, I'll share you mine.

  • GPU: Asus 980Ti Strix OC 6Gb
  • CPU: i7 6700K @ 4.3
  • CPU COOLER: H100i
  • RAM: 16Gb of Corsair Vengeance

The reason why I've included the cooler of the CPU is that I've overclocked my CPU a little, in high-intensive games like Siege your CPU might be stretching to a 100% of usage. In that case you need to ensure you aint running in to heat issues.

The graphical settings

So to choose the best graphic settings for you I will list all of them and take screenshots of each one for comparisement.

Texture Quality

This will determine how good the texture will look, if you compare low vs very high you will see minor differences, but as my research determines the FPS hit is only 1 FPS there's no reason to not go for the very high setting.

How much FPS did I loose?

  • Medium: 0
  • High: 0
  • Very high: 1

Texture Quality

LOD Quality

For me the LOD is quite important, LOD stand for level of detail and it determines how detailed an object should be on longer distances. F.e. look at the tree below in the background.
I suggest keeping this on Ultra at all times.

How much FPS did I loose?

  • Medium: 0
  • High: 0
  • Very high: 0
  • Ultra: 0

LOD Quality

Shading Quality

The shading quality will define how strong the shadows will be on the textures, again no performance hit.

How much FPS did I loose?

  • Medium: 0
  • High: 0

Shading Quality

Shadow Quality

The shadows quality is not purely eye-candy, I use the shadows quite often in-game. Increasing the quality of the shadow makes it more appearent. The hit is average, so if you have some FPS to spare, use it on this one.

How much FPS did I loose?

  • Medium: 2
  • High: 4
  • Very high: 4

Shadow Quality

Reflection Quality

I did not expect this performance hit by changing the reflection quality. You can kind of see it in the picture by looking at the wall on the left. The side panel reflects the brown-ish surroundings. Due to the lack of usefullness and the huge performance impact I usually tend to disable it.

How much FPS did I loose?

  • Medium: 11
  • High: 24

Reflection Quality

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion makes sure the ambient lighting is correct on the items. This is pure eye-candy so if you're in for performance disable this feature. I welcome the extra quality on this one, so I tend to go with HBAO+ since it looks a lot better than SSBC with only a 3FPS increase.
Do not enable this one if you're short on resources

How much FPS did I loose?

  • SSBC: 17
  • HBAO+: 20

Ambient Occlusion

Lens Effects

For me this is pretty obvious, it impacts performance (only slight) while being in my way of seeing the enemy. I disable this one, since I prefer seeing my enemies.

How much FPS did I loose?

  • Bloom: 2
  • Bloom + Lens: 3

Lens Effects


Ever noticed a line is never completely straight if you're gaming? Anti-aliasing tries to tackle this problem by softing the edges. Since putting it off makes no sense I usually enable T-AA. Looks better than FXAA and has the least performance impact of them all. T-AA-2X and 4X are just way to much loss.

You can see the difference between all AA's if you look closely to the read pole and the ones next to it.

How much FPS did I loose? ( Default was T-AA, as it was the highest )

  • Off: 40
  • FXAA: 43
  • T-AA-2x: 57
  • T-AA-4x: 95


T-AA Sharpness

I must say, I find this one weird. I don't see much difference between 0 and 50%, but 100% is somehow a lot sharper, again look at the details on the left next to the red pole.
So if you decide your 5FPS impact is worth it, go for the 100% sharpness factor.

How much FPS did I loose? ( Default was T-AA, as it was the highest )

  • 50%: 5
  • 100%: 5

T-AA Sharpness


I tested all of the settings with AA on T-AA-2x to give me an overall lower FPS to start with, I did this because I wanted to measure the performance hit per setting so it doesn't really matter as long as I use the same accross one setting.

To test the AA setting I had everything on the highest setting.

Setting Value FPS
Texture Quality Low 124
  Medium 124
  High 124
  Very High 123
LOD Quality Low 124
  Medium 124
  High 124
  Very High 124
  Ultra 124
Shading Quality Low 124
  Medium 124
  High 124
Shadow Quality Low 124
  Medium 122
  High 120
Reflection Quality Low 124
  Medium 113
  High 100
Ambient Occlusion Off 124
  SSBC 107
  HBAO+ 104
Lens Effects Off 124
  Bloom 122
  Bloom + Lens flare 121
Anti-Aliasing Off 100
  T-AA 140
  FXAA 97
  T-AA-2x 83
  T-AA-4x 45
T-AA Sharpness 0% 124
  50% 119
  100% 119


Thanks for reading my article, hopefully it was helpfull and if you need have questions feel free to ask by commenting below!

How to choose operators plus personal experience - Rainbow Six Siege

How to choose operators plus personal experience - Rainbow Six Siege

As we all know Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter. To compete against the skilled enemies you encounter during gametime you'll need to come up with some good strategies and a good strategy always starts with good preparation. 


It's all about preperation:

  • Choice of operator
  • Choice of weapon
  • Choice of weapon attachments
  • Choice of perks / grenades

Choice of operator

When choosing an operator you have to take two things into consideration, the amount of armor and the weapons/perks.


Armor is always important in a shooting game, but the interesting part in Siege is that the more armor you have, the slower you move. When your speed decreases you become an easier target for the enemy, when you don't have any armor you move ultra fast and therefore become a harder target.

Meaning you have three choices:

  • Heavy
  • Speedy
  • Sweet spot

I usually pick the "sweet spot" for defending as you'll be playing more passively on defense. For attack I prefer "speedy" as you, as an attacker, will determine the pace of the game, therefore speed is important. Of course a "sweet spot" operator can be used on attack as well because of the better perks.

To have a good overview on which class has the most armor or speed take a look here: http://rainbowsix.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Operators

Weapons and perks

Weapon of choice will always be personal preference so here I will share mine, along with the operators I'm most efficient with.

UMP45 with Holo, Muzzle brake and Angled grip.
5.7 USG with Muzzle brake
Impact grenades

The slow fire-rate of Castle's gun might be hard to deal with in the beginning, but once you manage it the low recoil really benefits long distance headshot shooting.

The use of impact grenades is soley used for creating passages through wooden walls, so we can expand the area. Combined with Castle's perk which can reinforce doors or windows, he's an excellent choice for any defender.

M580A1 shotgun with Holo
SMG-11 with Holo, Compensator and vertical grip
Barbed wire

Smoke is a tricky operator to play, but he's a real game changer in the right hands. The shotgun is used to open as much as possible (but still useful) so you have a bigger area to defend from. Did you ever feel locked inside a room and you were thinking, "Well, I'm fucked now". Smoke can make passages which you can easily sneak through to escape your fear of being locked up. The hardest part, (but also the strongest), about Smoke is the secondary weapon. With a high rate of fire you can eliminate the enemy in a blink of an eye. The issue here is your clip runs out pretty quickly, and as it is a secondary weapon, there's not a lot of ammo.

R4-C, Muzzle brake, Vertical grip + ACOG
M45 Muesoc with muzzle brake
Stun grenade

Ash is one of my favorite operators, one of the fastest operators in the game with a really good gun. As her perk she has an explosive breach round which can open any wall which is not reinforced. Keep in mind, you barely have any armor with her.

Most played operators


  • Jäger
  • Castle
  • Mute
  • Mira
  • Smoke
  • Valkyrie


  • Ash
  • Blackbeard
  • Glaz
  • Capitão
  • Thermite/Hibana & Thatcher


In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. I feel the most comfortable with fast-paced operators as that's my kind of gamestyle. Some might be a bit more cautious and opt for a bit more armor.

When you are new to R6 Siege I suggest choosing the "sweet spot" operators. They have a good balance between speed and armor and most of them have good perks which is a bonus for every team.

Tactical keyboard mapping R6 Siege

I noticed a lot of players are still confused about which keys need to be assigned where and therefor I'll share my configuration with the world which I've used for the past 12 years of PC gaming.

Update 17/07/2018

Since Siege creators decided that the camera controls should now be different keys from your normal walk left and right keys, you now have the option to change those as well. The two buttons are called "Cycle left", and "Cycle right". So to switch between drones I tried to reset mine to be the same again but I then noticed I couldn't walk left and right anymore. As much as I hate the change, I swapped by keys to be A and E so they're not so far out of reach.

Mouse settings

First of all, make sure your mouse acceleration is off. I'm not Google, so don't ask me how to do it :)

Mouse sensitivity
This is a big one, and many people I know still use high sensitivity on their mice. Mine is current running @700 DPI with ingame a sensitivity on both horizontal and vertical "9". Therefor I make good use of the size of my mousepad, so for those with a little mousepad, either get a bigger one or have it a little faster.

Having a slower sensitivity is key to precision shots, I've played for a long time and I've been lowering mine since I started. It's a long process but eventually you'll see the benefits of lowering it bit by bit. 

Mouse settings
I use my side buttons on the mouse to lean left & right, therefor I don't need to move my hands from the walk buttons and still got my fingers on the trigger! I know a lot of people use the toggle option, and that's fine. But I feel more comfy to have it on hold as it's a pain to to shoot while making sure you hold that button ( otherwise your vision moves from the target ). Yes I have to do one more click to walk straight again, but that's just a habbit.

And as most of you probably have, the main action of that character ( placing thermite charges f.e. ) I have it on the middle mouse button.

Keyboard settings
Now this is not as important as the mouse, and didn't even feel bothered to talk about until I noticed some weird setups in our small community.

Take a look at the screenshots below and copy them if you feel like to. Keyboard is all about personal preference but I just want to show what I'm playing like.

Actual keyboard controls start here, I have an AZERTY keyboard, so you guys probably should switch it to QWERTY

Have a look at the graphic settings I'm using and how to choose yours!

Improve your gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege

I'm hg.4N4LYZE, team captain of hg.gaming and I'll write about a few things you can do the improve your in-game score and lead your team to victory.

Be CAREFULL, but don't overthink it

I've seen a lot of people make this simple mistake is to simply overthink your action, I have overcome that by training myself. 

Rainbow Six Siege has relatively slow gameplay compared to other shooters, so off course everyone is going to be more carefull. The problem with this is though that people overthing their actions f.e. : "You encounter someone, he's shooting his full ammunition clip and starts reloading, so what do you do?"

In this situation I personally would go for the attack while he's reloading, it took me a while to overcome that 'fear' but most of the time you'll take him by suprise.

So tip number one, be carefull but take action.

Play with a team or friends

You may have noticed this already, but Siege is a teamplay game. I noticed this from day one I started playing that this is not a game to be played alone. And some still do? 

Playing in a team will always benefit your gameplay, but the important thing within teamplay is communication, @hg.gaming we keep the comms short and try to avoid confusion at all times. 

If you happen to have no team yet, feel free to join us here, but read on as we're not finished yet!

Use sound

As a PC-gamer since 2006 I got used to a lot of different sound orientations within different games. I always felt like Battlefield and other shooters were lacking in that perspective. Siege on the other hand has a main focus on sound and especially directional sound. 

I often look straight up a wall as I know I hear one behind it to actually pin-point where the player actually is just by listening, it's a true working-point for every gamer and it still is for me today. 

Don't worry if you still need progress here, games are getting better in this and so is your sound gear.

Think ahead of the competition

You ever had a guy own you like crazy on which you face-palmed yourself that he tricked you that way? I sure have!

"Being the smarter player" is a main goal in Siege as it's all about strategic gameplay, off course it is a team sport but you as a player should have your own approach to different solutions, especially in those famous and lovely 1v5 situations.

Being ahead of the competition is all about training and experience, but for most people it just doesn't happen. People refer to this as gamesense, either you have it or not IS WRONG.

Some people just have it way faster, play with those who are better than you, or even better play against them.

@hg.gaming we sometimes have time for a 4v4, 5v5 internal and we learn how every teammember plays, but most important of all we know how they play as an opponent and how to solve different situations.

Watch other people play

In the beginning of the game the ESL competition was a hype in Siege, many videos were posted online with great teams and great players. Many strategies and different approaches which had one goal, winning. Take a look at Youtube and see how the pro's do it!


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