Who are we and what you can expect

We at hg.gaming are a small group of mature gamers between the age of 20 and 35 from different countries around Europe. We are not the army following strict training programs and a bully-based hierarchy. We are a bunch of friends playing together to have a good time in the evening. However when the game is on, we keep our focus on the action and do our best for the team.


We are currently recruiting for Rainbow Six: Siege and Battlefield V. Games where teamwork can make a difference. We played competitive but never over-serious with obligated training days.


hg.gaming was founded in 2007 on a tropical island called Far Cry. hg.gaming, called HeroezGamerz in the time, climbed up the ladder and was respected for its skill and attitude. Since then we moved from one game to another like Modern Warfare 2, Team Fortress 2, Medal of Honor and Counter-strike. The release of Battlefield 3 gave the clan a new boost. New members joined and we entered ESL for some competitive gaming. After Battlefield 3 we continued in Battlefield 4 to fight for domination, our main game mode.


For more than 3 years now, we play Rainbow Six: Siege. We like tactical shooters because teamwork is essential and playing together is the reason why we are in a clan. We also got back into Battlefield series in 2018 with Battlefield 1. We are looking forward to get some action in Battlefield V.

Since the lan party we organised in May 2017, we also play Rocket League and Age of Empires III. A game some of us loved in our childhood and still find so much fun today! Looking forward to Age of Empires IV.

We occationaly met each other over the last years. Passing by your country on holiday? We make a quick stop. Birthday party? We try to make it. In 2015 we did our first lan party as a house warming party. Memorable weekend! See the group picture below. We just did the 2018 edition! 

If you think our clan sounds like something you would fit in, then click apply.