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Are you a teamplayer?

If you believe that running around alone on a map is not the way games are meant to be played, then hg.gaming is the clan for you! This clan stands for friendship and teamplay. We all have our day time lifes, so in the evening we want to have some fun. This means no obligated trainings or military structure you see elsewhere. But when the game is live, we try to do our best and focus on the action.

As a member of our clan, you respect the opponent. No trash talk on the in-game chat. When you wear the clantag, you wear it with the correct attitude. This also means no cheating. This will never be tolerated in any circumstance and will result in a permanent ban from the clan. No second chances here.

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R6 Siege
Ghost War
Rocket League
Age Of Empires III


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  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 13/01 00:38

    Happy ski trip boys

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 11/01 08:53

    Victoryyyy devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 11/01 08:36

    We made the enemy ragequit yesterday! After 30min! devil

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 10/01 12:07

    Expert is still very hard

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 07/01 01:16

    like you've said, hard is easy :p or easy on hard :p

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Sun 07/01 01:15

    Awesome match on AGE! Hard became easy!

  • Hunter on Fri 05/01 14:30

    Ok fair enough then Brussie yes sorry for the call out!

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 05/01 14:28

    Thanks for the info. I hadn't moved the topic yet to public area. It was in members section, which Ronnie can't read anymore. He needs a new discord user, as he created it with hg.TM, not just on our channel, but his global user.

  • Hunter on Fri 05/01 14:18

    Have to say that it's nice to see nothing has changed. You still delete leaving posts and ban people? Have you learnt nothing from what happened before? Jesus =P

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 04/01 21:06

    Long time no see chocolate

  • hg.™Chocolate on Wed 03/01 23:36

    Happy new year boyos!

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 01/01 12:17

    Happy new year! 

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 01/01 01:35

    Happy new year!! 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 01/01 00:34

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

  • hg.™S3ph on Sun 31/12 15:29

    Thank you Skrimbler :), Happy New Year everybody with loads of success and happines :)

  • hg.™Skrimbler on Sun 31/12 13:41

    Enjoy the NYE tonight and a wonderful 2018 to everyone!! 

  • hg.™S3ph on Sat 30/12 10:13

    Now weekend and a New`s Year party :)

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 29/12 07:28

    Last workday of the year. smiley

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Mon 25/12 14:06

    Aight, will do.

  • Ohdear on Mon 25/12 13:42

    If anyone could MSG brussie to refund my money I sent for the HG clothes that would be great. I haven't recieved any shipping notice or package at all and hes blocked me from PMing him directly.



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