Are you a teamplayer?

If you believe that running around alone on a map is not the way games are ment to be played, then hg.gaming is the clan for you! This clan stands for friendship and teamplay. We all have are day time lifes, so in the evening we want to have some fun. This means no obligated trainings or military structure you see elsewhere. But when the game is live, we try to do our best and focus on the action.

As a member of our clan, you respect the opponent. No trash talk on the in-game chat. When you wear the clantag, you wear it with the correct attitude. This also means no cheating. This will never be tolerated in any circumstance and will result in a permanent ban from the clan. No second chances here.

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R6 Siege
Rocket League


Every organisation can only survive with the support of funding and we are no exception. If you wish to contribute the hosting of the clan website, then you can do this clicking on the button below.

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  • hg.Brussie on Tue 25/07 07:33

    Happy holiday Analyze! We miss you already! heart

  • hg.Brussie on Thu 20/07 18:00

    Indeed. Weekend begins! 

  • hg.Ronnie on Thu 20/07 10:43

    Lucky you brussie! Always good to have a bank holiday lol 

  • hg.Brussie on Thu 20/07 06:53

    Last workday. Friday bank holiday cheeky

  • hg.Brussie on Wed 19/07 11:59

    Cant wait on the weekend devil

  • hg.4N4LYZE on Mon 17/07 22:57

    Ouch, painfull cheeky

  • hg.Brussie on Mon 17/07 14:22

    Home working. Next to pc. So tempting devil

  • hg.Ronnie on Sat 15/07 13:31

    I'll try and get on in a bit for some games! Couldn't do much last night lol 

  • Bobbo on Fri 14/07 22:20

    its good to be back ^^ just alot things to do these days so i will not be on so much the next week but i do want i can mate ! :D

  • hg.DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 22:19

    Apparently he's gotta play Walking Dead with his girlfriend or something like that! Boo Ronnie. Boo!

  • hg.DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 22:18

    Yeah cool dude. I'll have a little warm up while I wait for you. Ronnie has blown me out tonight so I'm glad you're back!

  • Bobbo on Fri 14/07 22:13

    i can jump on for a game or 2 in about 20 min if you are ready there :)

  • hg.DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 22:12

    P.S. Good to have you back mate

  • hg.DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 22:12

    Bobbo, you jumping online tonight?

  • Bobbo on Fri 14/07 22:08

    and gratz Monk :) good to hear with the new job :)

  • Bobbo on Fri 14/07 22:07

    hey im back again, just got back from vacation :) how are ya all ? :)

  • hg.Skrimbler on Fri 14/07 21:40

    Niiiice!! :D

  • hg.4N4LYZE on Fri 14/07 19:52

    Sweet! Congratulations m8, a new start smiley

  • hg.MrKillFail on Fri 14/07 19:30

    Congratz Neel

  • hg.DrunkMonk74 on Fri 14/07 18:44

    YES!! Resigned from my job. Got the contract and offer letter from my new company!!


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