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  • Best weapon in Siege

    What's the best gun for attackers? What's the best gun for defenders? What's the best side arm? Again questions we all ask ourself and here is the answer. 

  • Operators meta Season 8 defenders

    "What is the best defender?" "Which operator is most picked?" Question we see alot on the internet. There are many choices today. Some operators fit better in a teamplay than others. Especially when you are new to the game, you might be wondering, which operators to unlock first. Let discuss them here.

  • Optimize your graphic settings in R6 Siege

    Are u curious if you're using the right graphical settings for your game? How can you improve your …


Are you a teamplayer?

If you believe that running around alone on a map is not the way games are meant to be played, then hg.gaming is the clan for you! This clan stands for friendship and teamplay. We all have our day time lifes, so in the evening we want to have some fun. This means no obligated trainings or military structure you see elsewhere. But when the game is live, we try to do our best and focus on the action.

As a member of our clan, you respect the opponent. No trash talk on the in-game chat. When you wear the clantag, you wear it with the correct attitude. This also means no cheating. This will never be tolerated in any circumstance and will result in a permanent ban from the clan. No second chances here.

Sounds like something for you? Have a look around or ...

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R6 Siege
Rocket League


Every organisation can only survive with the support of funding and we are no exception. If you wish to contribute the hosting of the clan website, then you can do this by clicking on the button below.

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  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 29/12 10:29

    LAN PARTY devil

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 03/12 22:50

    Tomorrow patch day BF V

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 22/11 16:58

    The game is awesome devil

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 19/11 21:33

    BF V tomorrow !double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Sat 10/11 23:15

    New TS IP:

  • hg.™Brussie on Fri 26/10 08:16

    Nightmare form the loss yesterday ? 

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 24/10 23:40

    Lovely games this evening! We haven't lost any games! yes

  • hg.™Brussie on Wed 24/10 15:45

    Happens when you fall asleep behind keyboard devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Wed 24/10 12:44

    Who's online this evening? Looks like I still am! (Forgot to shutdown pc) double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 23/10 12:26

    Woke up ill today. No gaming for me tonight. crying

  • hg.™Brussie on Mon 22/10 20:33

    One month to BF5.double handgun

  • hg.™Brussie on Thu 18/10 09:47

    Nice to end the day yesterday with a victory. Sleeps better. devil

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Tue 14/08 09:21

    Those were quite the matches yesterday cheeky

  • hg.™Brussie on Tue 14/08 08:51

    Countdown to rocket league party! And comeback to siege yesterday after 9m.

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 03/05 22:44

    Who's up for some games tomorrow? laugh Let's start the weekend on a good note!

  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 03/05 12:55 I will update the link this evening wink

  • Wombatron on Thu 03/05 09:27

    trying to join discord but the link is dead


  • Hunter on Thu 05/04 22:34

    Nah, invite expired on it


  • hg.™4N4LYZE on Thu 05/04 19:09

    I think Discord is open for everyone? When you open the discord viewer on the website.

  • Hunter on Sat 24/03 17:42

    cool, if you inv me to your discord i'll join you next time your on bf1. Only if you want me to though of course! =)


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